Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Emergency Open-Heart Surgery


Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a stable condition after undergoing emergency open-heart surgery, celebrity news website TMZ reported Friday. The 70-year-old actor turned activist was in a Los Angeles hospital Thursday to have a catheter valve replaced and developed complications, the gossip portal said, citing unnamed Schwarzenegger sources.

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Harvard Legal Icon Doubts Pardon-Obstruction Narrative

Famed Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz disputed a Democratic senator’s contention Thursday that a reported pardon discussion involving President Donald Trump’s lawyer amounts to “textbook” obstruction of justice. The New York Times reported Wednesday that John Dowd, who then was representing the president in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation…

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Meet the Clinton Charity They Didn’t Want You to Know About

Though much has been said concerning the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, analysts have not trained enough attention yet on another tax-exempt organization the Clintons control, The Clinton Family Foundation. Unlike the better known charity started almost 21 years ago as an archive and research center for presidential records…

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