BREAKING: ‘David Beat Goliath’; Tennessee Supreme Court Sets May Date for Nashville Special Election for Mayor

On Tuesday, the Tennessee Supreme Court released a unanimous opinion that instructs the Davidson County Election Commission to set the date for the special election to select a new mayor of Metro Nashville Davidson County Government for any date between May 21 and May 25.

The stunning decision overrules the Davidson County Election Commission’s prior decision to set the date at August 2.

Mayoral candidate Ludye Wallace was the plaintiff in the case. He was represented by attorney Jamie Hollin.

“David beat Goliath,” Hollin told The Star in an exclusive interview.

The five Tennessee Supreme Court Justices who ruled unanimously in favor of Wallace were Chief Justice Jeffrey Bivins, and Justices Cornelia Clark, Sharon Lee, Holly Kirby, and Roger Page.

News Channel 5 reported:

The Davidson County Election Commission voted in March to hold the mayoral election on August 2. Mayoral Candidate Ludye Wallace filed a lawsuit shortly after that vote, claiming the Election Commission violated the Metro Charter and state law with the vote.

Both sides presented their arguments to justices Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the court’s decision reversed a ruling of the Davidson County Chancery Court that upheld the action of the Davidson County Election Commission in setting the election to coincide with the August 2 election.

Under state law, the commission now has to set a special election to be held between May 21 and May 25.

You can read the court’s decision in Wallace v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, et al here.

With the special election date now less than 45 days from today, all 14 candidates who have qualified for the ballot are now set for mad sprint to the electoral finish line.

Early voting could start in as little as 21 days from now.

Early voting in the May 1 transit referendum is set to begin tomorrow.


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    That is interesting, I didnt think this had a chance in hades. I like this decision on many levels esp because that weazel briley is the only one still supporting that $9 Billion Boondoggle.