Nashville Mayoral Candidate Carol Swain Launches Radio Ad Campaign As Early Voting Begins on the Transit Tax Plan

Former Vanderbilt University law professor and nationally recognized conservative political commentator Carol Swain, a candidate for Mayor of Nashville in the special election that is now scheduled for May 24,  launched her first radio ads on stations in Nashville on Wednesday.

“The sixty second radio ad focuses on her opposition to the Barry/Briley Transit Tax Scheme and urges voters to be reminded to vote “NO” every time they hit another one of the huge number of potholes in Nashville roads that will not be addressed by the $9 billion ‘boondoggle,’ ” her campaign said in a statement.

“The $9 billion dollar transit scheme that not improve our traffic congestion problems nor repair our roads and bridges.” Swain said in the statement.

“I am encouraging Nashville voters to join me in opposing the Barry/Briley Transit Tax Increase and to point out that every time they hit another pothole, and they will, it should remind them to vote against the plan that won’t fix that pothole or any others,” Swain added.

The statement continued:


Early voting on the Barry/Briley transit tax increase began April 11 and runs through April 26th in Davidson County. Election Day is May 1.

Swain also noted that she is excited that voters will be able to make a change in the Mayors office “sooner rather than later” after the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that the Special Election for Mayor must be held in late May rather than on August 2.

“Mayor Briley, and his cronies, ignored the clear intent of the Metro Charter to avoid having the Special Election the same day as transit plan vote that would have put their precious tax increase scheme at risk. Their political game playing will cost Nashville taxpayers a million dollars  to hold another election less than thirty days later. That is the kind of irresponsible leadership I hope to correct as Mayor of Nashville.”  


The new Swain sixty second radio ad is airing on WWTN and WQQK in Nashville. The text of the ad reads as follows:


“Mayor Briley supports raising our taxes to pay for a transit plan that won’t improve traffic congestion OR fix the potholes and bridges in Nashville! That’s just one of the reasons I’m voting NO on the transit tax on May 1, and WILL be voting YES for Carol Swain for Mayor!

 “I’m Carol Swain. The $9 billion dollar Barry/Briley transit tax plan is a bad idea for Nashville. I’m voting NO. I encourage you, your family and friends to join me in stopping the transit tax scheme that won’t improve our traffic congestion or fix our roads! Every time you hit another pothole, and you will,  let that remind you that the Barry/Briley tax increase won’t repair that hole and that you need to vote NO on their plan! Go to to find out how you can help me provide the leadership for Nashville that will benefit everybody.

Paid for by Carol Swain for Mayor, Troy Brewer, Treasurer. 

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2 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayoral Candidate Carol Swain Launches Radio Ad Campaign As Early Voting Begins on the Transit Tax Plan”

  1. Bruce

    Nashville will end up with a mayor that is Anti-white, Anti- American and all for raising taxes, supporting Nashville as a sanctuary stats and wanting to get rid of the 2nd street area. In other words just like the last mayor. iIcall it lunacy.

    1. Milton Orgeron

      If you vote for David Briley, you may get all those things you fear. If you vote for Carol Swain, you will avoid all these and get a great mayor, who will be the incumbent in the 2019 regular mayoral election, with all the advantages of an incumbent in a campaign. Vote Swain and beat the liberal Metro political machine!