Educators’ Group and Law Enforcement Come Together to Host School Safety Town Hall in Hamilton County

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond and Professional Educators of Tennessee (ProEd) announced recently they will host a Town Hall on School Safety and Security Monday, April 16th beginning at 4 p.m. at the East Hamilton Middle High School complex in Ooltewah.

“The Town Hall will give parents, teachers and other stakeholders in public education the chance to offer their views on school safety,” Sheriff Hammond said in a statement. “Also, we will be able to share information about the Monday morning discussion with elected and community leaders.”

“We are grateful to join with Sheriff Hammond and other strong leaders in Hamilton County to have timely, orderly discussion about an issue front and center in Hamilton County, the state and the nation,” ProEd Executive Director Dr. J. C. Bowman added. “This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers, including our members in Southeast Tennessee.”

In addition to Sheriff Hammond and Dr. Bowman, Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson, and National School Security Expert Michael Yorio will serve as panelists.

Chattanooga businessman and radio host Weston Wamp will facilitate the Town Hall.

Dr. Bowman will discuss research on school safety which ProEd has completed with its membership.  Yorio, who serves as president of SSI Guardian, LLC, and is senior vice president of security for School Specialty, Inc., will bring a national perspective on school safety.

Wamp said the event will be recorded and made available to Professional Educators of Tennessee’s 8,000 members and others.

Monday’s forum-style format will consist of brief opening remarks followed by questions from the attendees – which is limited by the venue at 300. Partisan, political speech will be stopped from stage, and Wamp urges attendees attending to have prepared, concise questions.

Teachers from counties surrounding Hamilton County are also invited to attend.




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