Off the Record: Who Wore it Best?

Off The Record: Who Wore it Best?

That’s a question usually asked by a popular fashion magazine but now we HAVE TO ask the same question when the same dress is being worn by two politicians – a radical progressive Democrat and an establishment-sometimes-conservative.

Before we even get to the judging (and we expect you to weigh in as to whom you think wore it best), the dress worn yesterday by Speaker Beth Harwell on the House floor has called out to The Star to ask the obvious question:

Why would Speaker Beth Harwell who is also a GOP gubernatorial candidate do twinsies with the disgraced radical progressive-pro-illegal-immigration-kicked-out-of-office former mayor Megan Barry?

You know that old adage – “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and you could say that fashion is oh so very universal, meaning that Democrats and Republicans can be equally wobbly with “aesthetic intelligence.”

But wearing the same dress that adultress Megan Barry wore in her official mayoral website photo??? Just what image is Harwell trying to plant in voters’ minds? Did Harwell think The Star wouldn’t notice???

The Star’s unsolicited fashion advice to the Speaker is simple – first, burn the dress; Megan Barry has simply ruined that look for self-respecting women. Next, remember that softer colors help smooth the rough edges.








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7 Thoughts to “Off the Record: Who Wore it Best?”

  1. The design of the dress is to hide the wide and make the person look slimmer, in other words, DECEPTION. It failed miserably on both women.

  2. lb

    Honestly that dress did neither of them any favors

  3. Randall

    Seems like blue dresses always come back to haunt people.

  4. John J.

    Who would even put this together? You guys need to get a life!

    But, one does have to wonder, is the dress the only similarity? Doesn’t the Speaker get driven all around the State by a Security detail, in a big Chevy SUV? So I take back my previous statement, good catch, a little snarky, but good catch!

    In the words of 2000’s hip hop group, Bell Biv Dafoe, “never trust a big butt and a smiie…”

  5. 83ragtop50

    Maybe Ms. Harwell’s “true colors” are peeking through as she is truly not a conservative.

    1. Betty

      Exactly and her butt is as wide as a big truck get the picture gross! I don’t like Beth Harwell she is a liar and evil person to TN will not vote for her she is all in for her cronies and lobbyist YOU can’t TRUST Her period!!!

  6. Not My Mayor

    Keep the dress. Never know when it might be used as evidence.