‘Iron Lady’ Mae Beavers Blasts $9 Billion Transit Plan as a ‘Typical Tax and Spend Liberal Scheme’

Mae Beavers

As early voting is underway, former State Senator and current candidate for Wilson County Mayor Mae Beavers is urging voters in nearby Davidson County to reject the controversial proposal.

“The transit plan proposed by Mayor Megan Barry, before scandal forced her to resign, is a typical tax and spend liberal scheme that taxpayers can’t afford and which won’t fix the problems of traffic congestion and needed road repairs,” Beavers said in a statement, adding:

This is the same sort of wasteful spending that produces dollars for insiders and brings no benefit to taxpayers that I have spend a career in public service opposing.

I hope Wilson County voters will speak up in opposition to this tax increase and call their friends in Nashville to encourage them to vote “NO.”

Beavers notes the Nashville Chamber of Commerce estimates that about half (47 percent) of the tax increase will be paid by residents of surrounding counties, which means Wilson County citizens will be paying a heavy price for a plan that won’t work with a tax increase that isn’t needed.

“As Wilson County Mayor I will be focused on keeping taxes low and controlling spending in our county, but what happens around us also has an impact on Wilson County taxpayers and we should be careful to avoid letting the bad decisions of our neighbors impact us and our families,” Beavers said. “Whether it is in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, the state capitol in Nashville, or in surrounding counties, when I see issues that can negatively impact OUR county you can expect me to speak up and stand up to those who are making policy decisions that affect us.”

Early voting ends next week on Thursday, April 26. Election Day is the following Tuesday, May first.




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One Thought to “‘Iron Lady’ Mae Beavers Blasts $9 Billion Transit Plan as a ‘Typical Tax and Spend Liberal Scheme’”

  1. Lifelong Nashvillian

    The new transit plan will be another taxpayer funded, government owned , Union operated WASTE.