Carol Swain Raises More Than $40,000 in First Two Weeks of Her Campaign for Mayor of Nashville

Former Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain has raised more than $40,0000 in the two weeks since she announced her campaign for Mayor of Nashville, her campaign said on Tuesday.

“It is clear that there is a groundswell of support for a leader that can bring integrity, honesty and fairness to City Hall,” Swain said in a statement released by her campaign.

“My administration will restore faith and trust in the metropolitan government. I will work tirelessly to ensure all Nashvillians’ right to live and work in a safe and affordable environment. I will not let you down,” Swain added.

“Donations are streaming in from the citizens of Davidson County and from supporters around the country. The campaign is pushing ahead, asking supporters to share Carol’s vision for a better Nashville; one that works for and with the people, not against them,” the statement said, adding:

Dr. Carol M. Swain is running for Mayor of Nashville because she is the only candidate that can bring common sense leadership and transparency to City Hall. Dr. Swain’s “Blueprint for Nashville” lays out the policies that she will advocate for during her term as Mayor. As a political outsider, Dr. Swain is not beholden to special interests and will fight for fairness in government.

Swain appears to be the only candidate on the ballot for the May 24 special mayoral election who has raised sufficient funds to mount a credible challenge to Acting Mayor David Briley, who announced last month that he has raised $400,000.

Unlike any of the 13 other candidates–including Briley–Swain has the potential to quickly nationalize her fundraising efforts, due in part to her decades of media exposure as an articulate conservative academic who has been featured prominently on conservative media outlets such as FoxNews, Salem Radio Network, Breitbart News, and as well as mainstream media outlets.

With the election only 37 days from now, Swain has little time to equal Briley’s war chest –expected to be somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million–but due to the distinctive appeal of her campaign to grassroots activists, she will not have to match him dollar for dollar to be competitive.

Swain’s fundraising could potentially explode geometrically if it catches on nationally.

Several national conservative leaders–Dinesh D’Souza, Dick Bott, and Eric Metaxas–have already endorsed her, and sources tell The Tennessee Star a major figure in the national conservative movement is expected to be a featured speaker at a big fundraiser for Swain that is scheduled for Nashville next week.

A number of local Republicans and conservatives tell The Star lighting could strike for the Swain campaign over the next few weeks if all the necessary elements start to align.

A Tennessee Star Poll released on Monday suggests that one of those elements may already be present.

Though Acting Mayor David Briley has a substantial 34 point lead over second-place Swain, 43 percent to 9 percent, he is 7 points below the 50 percent margin he needs to avoid a two person runoff.

With 32 percent of likely Nashville/Davidson County voters undecided, and with Briley on the wrong side of the $9 billion transit plan referendum on the May 1 ballot three weeks before the special mayoral election (voters oppose the transit plan by a 62 percent to 28 percent margin, according to The Tennessee Star Poll), the acting mayor may be in for some unexpected rough waters between now and the May 24 election.

In politics today, 37 days can be a lifetime, a cautionary note Hillary Clinton overlooked on October 1, 2016.





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7 Thoughts to “Carol Swain Raises More Than $40,000 in First Two Weeks of Her Campaign for Mayor of Nashville”

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  3. Pastor Enoch Fuzz

    After the May 1st election I will announce which of the candidates will be best for Nashville and yes a conservative is under consideration.

  4. Karen Bracken

    Dr. Swain has proven herself to be a strong, principled Christian woman that cannot be bought and will not bend when it comes to doing what is right. She loves Nashville. I am sure she has better things she could do in her life than join the political swamp but she is up to the task and she is an honorable woman and has been all of her life. She didn’t just get this way when she decide to run for office. She has always led by example.

  5. Greg Cantrell

    Drain theNashville Swamp! The Nashville General Hospital over funding, an unaffordable transit plan, metro schools free lunches for all kids( regardless of the ability to pay), body guards and chauffeurs for the Mayor, The Superintendent of Schools illustrates the lack of fiscal conservatism established by Former Mayor Phil Bredneson ( yes, a Democrat). The character and integrity of the office are at an all time low.

  6. So praying for Dr. Swain! What a true blessing bringing REAL change to the darkened past Mayoral office, of late!! While Dr. Swain possesses tremendous integrity, leadership and without doubt she has the honest capabilities needed to represent “The People ,” and what is truly in “their” best interest! What a refreshing opportunity for Nashville to literally experience such a positive change for the betterment of both the city, as well as the residents. May everyone become informed and aware of the tremendous opportunity Dr. Swain has to offer each voter, with honesty, integrity and the much needed leadership she will bring to Nashville.

  7. John J.

    How and why could Mr. Briley raise $400,000 so quickly? SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS! The same groups that think fancy new soccer stadiums are more important than General Hospital. Or the same groups that think that old train technology with it’s multi-billion dollar price tag and fixed routes can fix transit needs in the 21st century.

    A vote for David Briley is a vote for more debt, more crime, more traffic problems and the enslavement of the citizens of Nashville!

    Carol Swain is a bright ray of hope!