Democrat Phil Bredesen Fundraises to Within Two Hundred Thousand Dollars of Republican Marsha Blackburn – But There’s a Catch

Marsha Blackburn, Phil Bredesen

On Monday’s installment of The Gill Report – broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – conservative political talker and Tennessee Star contributor Steve Gill discussed the latest fundraising numbers and sources of contributions in what many political watchers predict will be a hotly contested race to replace retiring junior Senator Bob Corker (TN-R):

The Senate fundraising numbers are in for the first quarter of this year – January, February, March. We now know that Marsha Blackburn raised $2 million in donations just in the first quarter of this year.

Phil Bredesen, her likely – almost certain – candidate opposing her in the Fall elections in November as the Democrat nominee for the US Senate has raised $1.8 million. So, about 1.8 to 2 million for Marsha – within two hundred thousand dollars.

What’s interesting, though, is $1.4 million of Phil Bredesen’s $1.8 million is his money. He loaned it to his campaign. So Phil Bredesen has only raised $400,000 compared to Marsha Blackburn raising $2,000,000.

Now again we’ve seen all these hyperventilating articles that “Marsha’s in trouble,” the “the Republicans are in trouble,” and that “there’s this ‘Blue Wave’ building.”

Well, apparently the Blue Wave, at least for Phil Bredesen in terms of national and state donations, is not reflected in people willing to write a check to move the Blue Wave forward.

Now, Phil Bredesen, loaning his campaign $1.4 million is because, he said just last month, he wasn’t planning to contribute to his campaign, but ‘my loan money to the campaign is to help start it and help move it ahead’ – so he put $1.4 million loaned into his campaign, but only raised $400,000 from other people.

Marsha Blackburn raised $2,000,000 from other people – didn’t make any loans, didn’t make any self-contributions into her campaign.

Now again: Phil Bredesen’s $1.8 million was will spend just as well as Marsha’s, too. But where you get your money also matters.

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4 Thoughts to “Democrat Phil Bredesen Fundraises to Within Two Hundred Thousand Dollars of Republican Marsha Blackburn – But There’s a Catch”

  1. Rick

    Vote for Marsha Blackburn !

  2. Bob

    Anyone who votes for Phil Bredesen is a mindless idiot.

  3. Joe turner

    As usual, your story isn’t correct. Bredesen raised $1.8M AND loaned another $1.4M to jumpstart his media buy according to the Tennessean. Get your facts straight.

    1. Bruce

      Phil Bredesen us a leftist idiot and Schumer puppet. Chuck owns him financially with the help of Eric Soros. Get your facts straight.