Lee Beaman Joins Carol Swain’s Campaign for Mayor of Nashville as Finance Chairman

Carol Swain runs for Nashville Mayor'

Nashville businessman Lee Beaman has agreed to serve as the finance chairman of Carol Swain’s mayoral campaign, according to the former Vanderbilt professor’s campaign.

“Yesterday, Lee Beaman joined Dr. Carol M. Swain’s campaign for Mayor of Nashville as Finance Chairman,” the campaign said in a statement released on Tuesday, adding:

In the two weeks since her announcement, she has received endorsements from author Eric Metaxas and radio legend Dick Bott. Additionally, the campaign has raised over $40,000 from Nashvillians and supporters across the country. There is clearly a groundswell of support for a leader that can rebuild the public’s trust and faith in the metropolitan government.

Dr. Carol M. Swain is running for Mayor because she is the only candidate that can bring common sense leadership and transparency to City Hall. Dr. Swain’s “Blueprint for Nashville” lays out the policies that she will advocate for during her term as Mayor. As a political outsider, Dr. Swain is not beholden to special interests, and will fight for fairness in government.

Beaman is the owner of Beaman Automotive Group and is one of the most well known auto dealers in Middle Tennessee.

He serves as a member of the board at conservative think tank The Beacon Center of Tennessee as well as a number of a leadership boards across the Greater Nashville area.

He is also a financial supporter of the 917 Society, a Nashville area nonprofit that has distributed over 10,000 free pocket Constitutions to eighth-graders across the state of Tennessee in the most recent academic year.

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4 Thoughts to “Lee Beaman Joins Carol Swain’s Campaign for Mayor of Nashville as Finance Chairman”

  1. […] Last week, Nashville businessman Lee Beaman, owner of the Beaman Automotive Group and one of the most well known auto dealers in Middle Tennessee, joined the Swain campaign as finance chairman. […]

  2. Brian McMurphy

    I read the dipsh*t at The Scene this morning lamenting the spectre of dark money Beaman Super PACs lobbying to keep the government from overspending taxpayer money.

    It’s a threat to Democracy and Progressive Nashville ™!

    Oh, and if Megan Barry ran for Mayor today that she’d win again in a landslide. Landslide so suck it, haters.

    If Beaman has the money, buy The Nashville Scene and fire everyone there and turn it into a rightwing powerhouse. Dispatches from the underground, ghettoized opinions of the majority.

    Betsy Philips can go back to crocheting her p*ssy hats, Rodgers can go back to doing Jack White’s laundry, Hale can go be a prison bitch, and Cavendish can go work at the Tennessean.

  3. Jackie Baggett

    I’ve just contributed to the Swain for Nashville Mayor campaign. I live out of state, but my family lives in Nashville and I want fiscal accountability and integrity restored to the city leadership. I believe Carol Swain is exactly what Nashville needs to get back on track to being the beautiful beacon of the south!