Challenger Aaron Shane Says Incumbent State Rep. Susan Lynn’s Support of TNReady Testing Process Shows She Is Out of Touch

As State education officials continue to struggle with the failure of the online standardized testing system as part of the TNReady assessment of student progress, Aaron Shane is calling out State Representative Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) for failing to have taken action to address the problems. Shane is opposing Lynn the GOP Primary in the 57th District, which encompasses the western half of Wilson County.

“The state has poured tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into the failed online testing programs,” Shane pointed out. “Graduating Seniors this year have never had the standardized testing work properly in their entire high school career. That is inexcusable. What is more inexcusable is that the Tennessee Department of Education bureaucrats have failed to fix the problem over the past half decade.

“I have have had many parents and teachers share their concerns about Susan Lynn’s support for TNReady. One parent, who called her office, was told that TNReady was “not one of her concerns.” When an elected representative’s office tells a parent that the education of their children is “not her concern” it is time for us to elect a representative who will put our children first” Shane said.

Shane went on to point out,“Having two young children I am adamantly opposed to standardized testing. Common core standards (under a new name) force teachers to focus on testing rather than teaching. Our teachers are intelligent and committed people who are have dedicated their lives to educating our youth — not just testing them. It is time we eliminate the required standardized testing and get teachers and students refocused on teaching and learning.”

Shane also expressed concern over the claims by the TDOE that the testing system was the target of a “deliberate attack.”

“The TBI should launch an immediate investigation to determine whether or not the online testing process was hacked and, if so, they should prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law,” Shane noted. “We should also make sure that no student data has been compromised through this latest failed testing process.”

Commissioner Candace McQueen has claimed that the problems with the testing have been “fixed” and that the process is now running “smoothly.”  Several Democratic Party lawmakers, including Rep. Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) have called for McQueen to resign in the wake of the latest testing failures.

Earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Diane Black chastised the State Department of Education for its role in the testing failures, noting that the teachers and students are paying the price, but are not to blame.











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5 Thoughts to “Challenger Aaron Shane Says Incumbent State Rep. Susan Lynn’s Support of TNReady Testing Process Shows She Is Out of Touch”

  1. L Brown

    Anyone who casually reads the news would know that the “”testing mess” has not only been corrected but is also being investigated. So what’s the issue? Perhaps the reason Rep. Lynn see’s no trouble with this situation is because it’s clearly being dealt with. Now if the school board member or Mr Shane still have an issue and needs additional information I suggest they call the leader of the education committee in the house or the senate. They will be able to give them updated information easily and quickly. If they can’t answer her questions then they should call the commissioner of education. I’m sure they would be glad to answer any and all questions. I do believe there are important issues that Rep. Lynn and Mr Shane could discuss that would be beneficial to their region.

  2. John J.

    He makes a VERY valid point! The TBI had plenty of time and resources to raid the home of Representative Susan Lynn’s previous challenger, yet they can’t/won’t/don’t want to investigate a hack of a State system. What’s up with that? Or is this just another ploy aimed at getting more money for schools? I can hear Rep Lynn saying, “if we only had more money for the school computer systems…”!

    How about we fire 99% of the School Administrators, put a qualified, well paid teacher in a classroom with the students, and see what happens! We probably will get some pretty smart kids, who turn into petty darn good citizens! Just like we had before the start of this social engineering experiment, called Common Core/No Kids Left Behind!

    1. Maryjane Hollis

      I agree with firing top heahy administrators. Let teachers and parents take control… Students would be well served!

    2. 83ragtop50

      Maybe they are not investigating “the hack” because it is just an excuse for an incompetent vendor. It is not as if this vendor has not failed over and over again.

  3. Jennifer Hamblin

    Mr. Shane is 100% correct! As a TN Elected School Board Member, I am appalled and deeply concerned that any elected leader would take such a reckless regard of the situation to refer that it was no concern. If Rep Lynn sees no trouble in this situation, it is time for representation that had a serving heart for our TN Teachers & Students! Thank you Mr. Shane for realizing the obvious in this ongoing nightmare !