Nashville-Based Author Brad Thor Says He Will Challenge President Trump in 2020 GOP Primary


Best-selling author Brad Thor, a resident of Nashville, says he “will challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary,” according to the Daily Caller News Foundation, which reported Thor confirmed his challenge on Saturday:

The conservative author’s biggest problem with the Trump presidency is the man himself. “He’s mentally unfit,” Thor told TheDCNF.

Thor teased out his announcement on Twitter Saturday evening, pledging to run if no other conservative will challenge Trump. “America deserves better leadership,” Thor said. He added a few minutes later: “In fact, let’s make it official. I’m in.”

“The pages of history do not care if you were a farmer, a soldier, a doctor, or a butcher,” Thor told TheDCNF. “They care whether or not, when called, if you rose up to serve. Our Republic cries out for leadership, someone who will respect our Constitutional norms and represent the world’s greatest minority – the individual. That is who I am running for.”

The White House did not immediately return a request for comment.

In May 2016, Thor became entangled in a controversy for comments he made about then-candidate Trump in an interview with radio host Glenn Beck, as Breitbart News reported at the time:

Fiction author Brad Thor changed his story Tuesday about what he meant in an interview that ultimately got Glenn Beck suspended from SiriusXM radio.

Beck has been suspended after SiriusXM reviewed his conversation last week with Thor, who appeared to imagine some “patriot” stepping up and removing Donald Trump Trump from office — which several conservative outlets interpreted as a reference to assassination or a coup.

But Thor made the rounds Tuesday — including Dana Loesch’s radio show — to claim that he was not talking about assassination.

“No. We were discussing if he became a dictator. And, if he did, I’d want him to stand trial,” Thor said on Twitter in response to a critic calling out his comments.



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5 Thoughts to “Nashville-Based Author Brad Thor Says He Will Challenge President Trump in 2020 GOP Primary”

  1. David Zersen

    Wooooo, an author. Now there’s a qualified person to lead the charge against a businessman.

  2. Brian McMurphy

    Brad Thor is an answer to a question no one asked. So he’s asking the question and answering himself. God of Blunder.

    Does America deserve better leadership? Most certainly. We’ve deserved better leadership for almost the entirety of our country’s history.

    I know plenty of people who’ve enjoyed Thor’s books but this is an exercise in navel gazing. Republicans aren’t going to primary Trump but there is no succession plan after he is gone. How about working on that?

    I’ll settle for having better parties than the two worthless sacks of excrement forming one super sack uniparty that offers no real choice. Democrats who spend like there’s no tomorrow and Republicans who pretend to care and spend like there is no hour from now.

    End Congress as it currently exists. These moral degenerates who start new lives, families and perversions upon arriving in Washington can cast their votes from their own respective State capitols and communicate by video conference. That way we can keep an eye on them and maybe keep some of them a little more honest.

  3. Earl Wilson

    I’ll bet that Scott Harvath will be his running mate.

  4. lb

    I stopped reading or buying anything Thor related when he started this nonsense, so did my husband who really liked him.Neither of us will support an egotistical blowhard who supported that phony Evan Whatshisname who refuses to pay his debts to his campaign workers and vendors. Seems Thor has delusions of his influence and an giant ego

  5. serr8d

    Hmmph. Yet another “David French”, a Bill Kristol – Never Trumpers’ sock puppet.

    May he get as many votes as Leipers Fork’s David French.