TFA Criticizes Briley for ‘Calling for Gun Control Rather Than Encouraging Citizens to Own and Learn How to Safely Use Firearms for Self-Defense’

The Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) issued a stinging rebuke of Acting Mayor of Nashville David Briley’s call for more gun control on Monday.

“In the early morning hours of Sunday, April 22, 2018, shots rang out as 4 innocent victims were murdered and others were injured. One man chose to confront the naked, apparently mentally unstable, killer and fortunately was successful in using only physical force to do so. Not a single victim, however, responded in self-defense or defense of others with their own handgun or other weapon” said John Harris, Executive Director of the TFA in a statement released by the group on Monday.

“Tennessee Firearms Association has worked for more than two decades to improve the laws in Tennessee so that average citizens can chose whether to carry a firearm for self-defense and to eliminate or reduce the numbers of gun free zones in Tennessee. However, those efforts are frequently resisted by those in law enforcement and elected office,” continued Harris.

“We saw evidence of that again on Sunday as within hours of the deaths, Nashville’s temporary mayor, David Briley, and its feckless congressman, Jim Cooper, seized opportunities to grab microphones as cameras were rolling to make the plea that individual citizens must be prohibited from owning semi-automatic firearms,” the TFA executive director added.

You can read the rest of the TFA statement here:

According to Harris, while some, such as temporary mayor Briley, would have us believe that citizens should not be armed, data from the Center for Disease Control during one of the last studies the government performed on the issue indicates that during an average year in the period 1996–1998, 2.46 million U.S. adults used a gun for self-defense. The true extent to which armed citizens save their own lives and avert harm to others is likely impossible to quantify but available data suggests that the occurrence is substantial. We often hear the left claim that “if it saves just one life” then we must accept their plea. Yet, these same advocates apparently do not call for increased access to firearms for citizens despite the fact that even at current levels the armed citizens are apparently saving millions of lives per year.

With data like this and rising rates of violent crimes in Tennessee’s major cities, one might ask why some elected officials like temporary mayor Briley are calling for gun control rather than encouraging citizens to own and learn how to safely use firearms for self-defense. Are these elected officials concerned about improving each individual’s ability to survive or stop the next violent assault or is there some other goal that they have? Elected officials who take an oath to uphold and support the constitution yet shy from and even openly seek to suppress the rights protected by the Second Amendment fail the test of oath integrity.











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3 Thoughts to “TFA Criticizes Briley for ‘Calling for Gun Control Rather Than Encouraging Citizens to Own and Learn How to Safely Use Firearms for Self-Defense’”

  1. Steve Baloga

    Protect government school buildings the same way the mayor’s building is protected.

    As for me, the children are more important than the mayor.

  2. Lee

    Gun Control?
    How about getting gov’t agencies that know about suspected mass murderers to follow through and stop them before they do the deadly deed! Never real solutions just the same rhetoric “gun control”. As if law abiding citizens are the problem!

  3. Mothers Against Ryder Vans

    Where’s Briley’s comprehensive plan to stop automobile violence?