Randy Boyd Locks Down More Legislative Endorsements

Randy Boyd and the TN Legislature

Republican candidate for Governor Randy Boyd has added to his list of endorsements from State Legislators. The Boyd campaign announced four State Senators and six State House members joining six other legislators who have previously endorsed the Knoxville businessman and former State Commissioner of Economic and Community Development.

The latest Senate endorsements include Sen. Steve Dickerson from Nashville, Sen. Ed Jackson from Jackson, Sen. Jon Lundberg from Bristol, and Sen. Shane Reeves from Murfreesboro. House members endorsing Boyd in the new groups are Rep. Michael Curcio from Dickson, Rep. Martin Daniel from Knoxville, Rep. Ron Gant from Rossville, Rep. Gerald McCormick from Chattanooga, Rep. Bill Sanderson from Kenton, and Rep. Ron Travis from Dayton.

They join previously announced legislative endorsements for Boyd by Sen. Richard Briggs, Sen. Becky Massey, Rep. Kent Calfee, Rep. John Ragan Rep. Cameron Sexton, and Rep. Eddie Smith. Massey is retiring Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s sister.

In announcing his endorsement, former House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick said: “For me, it boils down to proven conservative leadership, both as a businessman and as a former state commissioner, and someone who has a bold, new vision for our state. Randy Boyd is the only candidate who meets both of these criteria, and I fully support him in this race.” McCormick is planning to seek the House Speaker position being vacated by current Speaker Beth Harwell.

“During my time as Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, I established good working relationships with these legislative leaders and have been impressed with their steadfast commitment in keeping Tennessee a business-friendly, low tax state,” said Boyd. “I am thankful for their support and energized by our plans to work together in cutting taxes and red tape and making sure Tennessee remains the best place to live, work, and do business.”

Boyd has recently launched a new television commercial focused on the issue of illegal immigration.  He and fellow gubernatorial candidate Diane Black have already been exchanging pointed barbs at each other over her support for drivers licenses for illegals aliens as a state legislator in 2001 and his contribution of $250,000 to Connexion, a La Raza affiliated pro-illegal immigration activist group.






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3 Thoughts to “Randy Boyd Locks Down More Legislative Endorsements”

  1. Dave Vance

    Wow even more La Raza Republicans than I thought! Sad!

  2. 83ragtop50

    It appears that these “leaders” do not care a wit about illegal aliens invading Tennessee as they jump on La Raza Randy’s bandwagon. Sure wish it was possible to learn what their motivations truly are.

  3. Brian McMurphy

    So, he’s not getting voters. He’s targeting the Chamber of Commerce’s amen corner.

    My anecdotal ride to work yard sign observations show these “major” establishment endorsements will yield popularity somewhere between Kate Steinle’s killer and Bill Haslam’s charisma.

    Boydmentum, like illegals on construction sites or trafficking heroin in Antioch, can’t be stopped!