Nashville Predators Lose Again: Endorse David Briley for Mayor

Nashville Predators and Acting Mayor David Briley

In a real head-scratcher, the Nashville Predators, long time beneficiaries of millions of dollars in subsidies provided by taxpayers in the state of Tennessee and the Metro Government of Nashville/Davidson County, endorsed Acting Mayor David Briley in the May 24 special election for mayor on Wednesday.

The Predators’ organizational decision to engage in the political arena by publicly endorsing a far left, big government progressive marks their second consecutive loss this month, after the Winnipeg Jets eliminated them from the Western Conference Semi-Finals of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, four games to three.

The NHL’s Predators have now chosen partisan political sides, a move that is sure to alienate a significant portion of their fan base that is politically conservative, many of whom live outside the boundaries of Nashville/Davidson County.

“Their endorsement of the transit tax plan went down in ‘Calgary’ Flames. While that distraction may have cost them a win over the Winnipeg Jets. Now, after their endorsement of the plan produced a blowout defeat on May 1, they’re jumping back into a political arena where their experience and track record is comparable to a high school JV hockey team. If they had focused more on hockey, and less on politics the last 30 days, they would probably still be playing for the Stanley Cup,” Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill said.

“Putting a mascot that is a beloved brand to their loyal hockey fans into a crass political power play will come back to haunt then,” Gill concluded.

Fellow mayoral candidate jeff obafemi carr said of the endorsement, “I can’t speculate on the relationship between the Pred’s ownership, Gnash, and Acting Mayor Briley.”

He added:

I know they joined together in the push for the transit tax referendum, so it makes sense to stay in alignment with who you know. I’m a Predators fan. I’ll continue to seek the votes of the players and the fans myself, and I look forward to waving my towel as the next duly elected Mayor of Nashville. Towards that end, I echo Mr. Henry’s most important comment: ‘Regardless of who you vote for, get out and vote, get your voice heard. Go Preds.

The Predators franchise has received tremendous taxpayer subsidies since its introduction into the league in 1998, numbering well into the tens of millions of dollars. In 2010, Sports Business Daily wrote:

Millions of dollars in public funds and “unsurpassed on-ice success have not been able to turn the Nashville Predators into a profitable business,” according to a front-page piece by Nate Rau of the Nashville Tennessean. Predators Chair Tom Cigarran said that members of the ownership group “have been forced to put $60 million of their own money into the operation over the past five years, largely to cover losses.” The city has given the Predators $38.6M “in the same period.” Cigarran said that his group is “hunting for additional investors willing to kick in” $15-25M. Citing improved attendance and other business accomplishments, Cigarran “predicted the Predators will turn the corner soon on profitability.” The team received $11.62M last year “in state and city money.” Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s office said that it is “confident in the Predators’ stability,” but other Metro officials “expressed concern that the owners say the team is still not profitable.”

Preds CEO Sean Henry and team mascot Gnash appear in a 24 second video announcing their endorsement to the Nashville fanbase nicknamed ‘Smashville:’

Hi; I’m Sean Henry and this is my good buddy Gnash and we want to remind all of Smashville that election day is May 24th for the Mayoral race. Early polls are open this Saturday, May 19th. We want to encourage everyone to get out there and vote. I also want Smashville to know we’re supporting Mayor David Briley, and we hope you join up in that as well. But regardless of who you vote for – get out and vote. Make your voice heard… Go Preds!



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15 Thoughts to “Nashville Predators Lose Again: Endorse David Briley for Mayor”

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  6. Daniel Boone

    Losers know how to pick losers.
    What a shame to bring the mascot into it.

  7. Bruce

    This is no big surprise. I have #boycottpreds since they got there. They are a far left organization. Anti-NRA, 2nd amendment. They have taken money from baby killers Planned Parenthood. You may have seen their banners at a Preds game. The organization representatives all supported squelching the First amendment thru Facebook. They also had a representative speak out for Nashville to be a Sanctuary City. They will never get a penny from me or my family,

  8. midnitelamp

    let Hamilton have them.

  9. Davis

    Don’t feel sorry for this conservative. By the way President Trump is not a fake President. He was elected by the people that were tired of the same old same old crooked politicians. I SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. Liberals are mean spirited.

  10. Chris E Belado

    Not real smart. The American People are tired of being told what to do and how to do it.
    I don’t want a sports team to tell me how to vote. I don’t want to know how they are going to vote. Just play the game.
    Unfortunately i will not buy any more swag and won’t attend anymore games. Liberals have to be taught a lesson even at my enjoyment expense.

  11. chris bennett

    the hell writes this shit. the author of this article clearly dont know what the hell they are talking about. almost this entire article is fake news anyway. you can figure out its fake news because look who it endorses on the side of the page Marsh Blackburn and Diane Black. give me a break. they just committed political suicide when they endorsed our fake ass president. and the majority of The Predators fans are not conservative but i will say that most conservatives are too poor to even go to a Predators because they dropped out of high school. i feel sorry for you bible thumping Trump supporters in November. Trump will be impeached and Diane Black and Marsha Blackburn will just be names in the distant past. what do Trump, Blackburn and Black all have in common? they are all utterly unqualified for the positions they have and are running for. this state is turning blue in November and i cant wait. Haslem has been the worst governor Tennessee has ever had with his poor decision making skills based mostly on religion. Go Preds.

    1. Julio Down By The Schoolyard

      Judging by your writing ability, they got farther in school than you did. By the way, those “endorsements” on the side of the page are paid political ads genius. I would insult you a little more, but you seem to be so stupid, it would probably just be a waste of both of our time.

  12. lb

    I was shocked when they jumped into the Transit debate but now my remaining goodwill towards them is GONE. I unfollowed all of their accts on twitter and will no longer attend or support a game. Way to go Preds mgmt–this was a real bonehead move!

  13. John Crest

    Why in the hell are the Predators getting involved in politics? The transit debacle and now this? The ownership are political morons.