Richard Viguerie Endorsement: Carol Swain For Mayor Of Nashville

by Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman


After the recent scandals plaguing Nashville City Hall only an outsider with knowledge and courage can do what needs to be done to clean up Nashville city government, and the only person I see with those qualifications in the upcoming May 24 special election is former Vanderbilt University professor Dr. Carol Swain.

Having met Professor Swain through her many appearances in national policy and political forums I can say without hesitation that she has the values and the courage to take on the insider corruption that characterized City Hall during the previous administration.

Dr. Swain taught political science and law for 28 years. She has seen and studied the problems that affect urban areas.  Of equal importance, she is not beholden to special interests, so she can make tough decisions without their influence, which is what it will take to put into action the policies necessary to implement solutions that work for the people of Nashville, instead of the special interests feeding at City Hall’s trough.

For those CHQ readers who have not met Carol Swain, let me tell you a little bit about her.

Professor Swain was Phi Beta Kappa and a Dean’s List student at Roanoke College, in Salem, Virginia. She then received an M.A. from Virginia Polytechnic & State University, and her Ph.D., in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She later earned her M.S.L. in law from Yale University Law School, New Haven, Conn.

Dr. Swain served as visiting assistant professor, Duke University; assistant professor of politics and public affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University; associate professor of politics and public affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, and from 1999-2017 she was professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

She is also the author or editor of eight books, with another in progress set for publication this July.

However, Dr. Swain’s life story is more than just a progression of college degrees. As she put it, she “came from nothing.” As one of 12 children, she grew up in a shack in Virginia. Before earning degrees from some of America’s most prestigious universities, Carol Swain dropped out of high school. She eventually completed her GED, then ultimately her PhD in the epitome of fulfilling the American dream.

And that life story also led her to embrace Christian faith and conservative principles.

As my old friend Dick Bott put it, Dr. Carol Swain believes in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. She is a great American, a true Patriot, and a unifying voice in America for such a time as this. Dr. Swain’s life is a true American success story, the result of hard work, intelligence, great education, compassion for all people, a passion for righteousness and opportunity, and an unshakable trust in God.

Another old friend, Dr. James Dobson put the choice before Nashville voters this way, Carol Swain is a brilliant woman of humble beginnings, who has the education, intelligence, and character to provide inspirational and Godly leadership for Nashville. I am happy to join Dick Bott and Jim Dobson in urging my many friends and CHQ readers in Nashville to vote for Carol Swain in the May 24 special election for Mayor.

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Richard A Viguerie is the founder and Chairman of He transformed American politics in the 1960s and ’70s by pioneering the use of direct mail fundraising in the political and ideological spheres, and is considered one of the founders of the modern conservative movement. Read more about Mr. Viguerie here.








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