Leftist Groups Flood Legislative Plaza in Nashville With Young Crowd Who Want Gov. Haslam to Veto ‘Racist’ Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

HB2315 Protest



The usual Nashville left wing organizations–including the ACLU and  the Tennessee Immigrants and Refugee Rights Coalition [TIRRC]–flooded Legislative Plaza on Wednesday with a crowd comprised of mainly teenagers and young adults in their twenties, decrying the “racist” anti-sanctuary cities legislation sitting on the desk of Gov. Haslam, awaiting his decision to sign, veto, or allow the bill to become law without his signature.

One protester held up a large pink and blue sign that read “HB-2315 is Racist.”

Another man in his twenties, with a cell phone to his ear, held up a sign that read “Gov Haslam Stop Deportations Veto: Bill HB 2315.”

A young woman in her twenties held up a green handmade sign that read “We’re Helping Nashville to be Great. Please Stop HB 2315.”

A number of elementary school and junior high school children were in the crowd.

A young boy, about 12 years old, stood on the Legislative Plaza steps, holding one edge of a Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition Banner. The other edge of the banner was held by a woman in her twenties.

A young girl, about 11 years old, stood on the front row and held the edge of a colorful yellow, orange and red banner with a raised clenched fist and the Spanish words “Defensa Comunitaria. No mas deportaciones.”

Two young elementary school girls held up hand made signs, one read “The Pilgrims were undocumented. Know your history,” while the other read “Education, not HB 2315 protestDeportation.”

[Editors note for our readers who are history buffs: The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 on land they acquired legally from the Virginia Company of London, which had secured the rights to the land from King James I of England. While England’s claim to the land it granted legally to the Pilgrims was subject to potential disputes from Native American tribes in the area, the Pilgrims had clear legal documentation to be present in the land, under English law. They had the proper documentation to reside in the land they settled under the rules and regulation of the governmental entity that had sovereignty over the area.]

The Tennessean offered this description of Wednesday’s rally:

Two weeks after a crowd of a similar size marched through downtown Nashville to make their voices heard to Gov. Bill Haslam, the group of nearly 1,000 people did it again.

Chanting “sin papeles, sin miedo,” — “no papers, no fear,” the protesters made their way from Public Square Park to Legislative Plaza, calling on Haslam to veto a bill requiring local law enforcement to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to honor requests to detain immigrants who entered the country illegally. . .

“We’re reviewing all the implications of it,” Haslam said Tuesday. “My one concern about it is that it’s driving up a lot of fear on both sides. Fear of people that we have sanctuary cities, which we don’t, and fear of people that it would mean mass deportations, which I don’t think it means that either.”







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15 Thoughts to “Leftist Groups Flood Legislative Plaza in Nashville With Young Crowd Who Want Gov. Haslam to Veto ‘Racist’ Anti-Sanctuary City Bill”

  1. All Hail

    Haslam and Boyd are two sides of the same, corrupt Establishment coin. It needs to be made plain to Haslam if he vetoes the anti-sanctuary city bill, audits will be conducted of his antics as governor and he and his family will be destroyed. Boyd needs to be slaughtered in this election. He is a pathological liar who believes voters are too stupid to realize he’s globalist trash.

    Dean and Fitzhugh, obviously, are open borders dirtbags, too.

  2. I am TIRED of these ILLEGALS telling US we r going to be overrun… GO BACK where u came from

  3. Donna Locke

    Augustin Cebada of the Brown Berets some years back: “Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future! You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die…. Through love of having children, we are going to take over.”

    Lots more from his fellow travelers.

  4. Brian McMurphy

    The “J” in Flying J stands for Jose.

    1. All Hail

      I thought it was “jackass.”

  5. Ralph

    US Code Title 8, Section 1324 (https://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-1907-title-8-usc-1324a-offenses) is the law of the land. Under the provisions of that law, any person or organization who in any way harbors or facilitates illegal aliens is subject to penalties, including the death penalty if the act of harboring an illegal alien results in physical harm, e.g., the Kate Steinle case, it need not be murder, just if it causes bodily harm. The only question, really, is why we do not prosecute.

    Moreover, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution enumerates the power “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…” so it has always been written into our U.S. Constitution that the Federal law is the supreme law of the land as regards immigration and naturalization.

    Should Gov. Haslam choose to veto the bill, USC Title 8, Section 1324 will still prevail and any offender can be subject to prosecution. Why our U.S. Department of Justice isn’t prosecuting is a mystery.

  6. Random Boobert

    The desire for our government to enforce ALL of our laws, including the unpopular (to some) laws is not racism, fear, or hatred. It is a reasonable and just expectation of our government. Neither is such desire racist, because it is non-discriminatory and should be applied in ways that are non-discriminatory. Support of non-discriminatory laws is not and cannot be racist.

    One must be without the sense God gave a billy goat to not realize that drug cartels operate throughout Latin America and have been flooding this country with all kinds of illegal drugs which endanger the health of the American people. One must be an ostrich to think that these cartels and gangs don’t cause a great deal of crime in the United States. The American people have had it.

    And once this tsunami of people inundates the United States, does anyone think that the overwhelming majority of these people, who cannot speak English, will support themselves? We will be paying to educate the children of illegal immigrants, to pay their emergency room bills when they show up at the ER, to arrest and incarcerate those who break the law, and so on. These people are a major drain on our nation’s resources.

    And further, who thinks that having a large pool of unskilled workers willing to work under the table is going to help the American worker get a fair deal when the rules regarding employment can’t be broken for them?

    Finally, where is the compassion for Kate Steinle’s family? She was killed, intentionally or otherwise, by an illegal immigrant with prior felony convictions who was illegally in possession of a firearm and who was let go with almost no significant punishment by a bleeding heart leftist jury.

    It’s hateful to the American people to release people who have already been accused of breaking our laws and who have entered the country illegally back into the public, while hiding the release of known law breakers and illegal immigrants from ICE. This is totally unacceptable and any lawmaker who votes for a sanctuary city bill should be voted out by a unanimously angry electorate.

  7. Jim Forsythe

    Arrest the Jerks! If they do not like complying with our laws, deport them.

  8. lb

    The blatant NERVE of these people is astonishing to me. Every one of them is a CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN. Period. I have zero sympathy if they were brought here as children–they and their criminal parents need to GO.
    We need to remove the magnets of job, housing and welfare for these criminal leeches and make it VERY uncomfortable for them to be here.
    I dont trust Haslam at all. I fully expect him to Veto–so the next Gov can pick it up and sign it.

  9. Wolf Woman

    Chanting “sin papeles, sin miedo,” — “no papers, no fear.” Two slaps in the face to us, one slap for the Spanish and another slap for wanting emotional safety for breaking the law. So what about about the fear they bring us of crime, violent gangs, disease and higher taxes to support social services for them? They are surely children who think only of themselves and not of others.

    And then there’s the sign, “Education, not deportation.”
    Does this mean instead of punishment for criminal behavior, they are supposed to be rewarded? What gall they have! What selfish attitudes! Are these young people our future? How are they going to make Nashville great?

    And shame on their enablers, the alphabet of socialists, and communists at TIRRC, ACLU, SPLC etc., and their underwriters like George Soros and the wealthy limousine liberals who don’t care about the plight of the masses, only for their own pocketbooks and enhancing their “public” virtue, shame on all of them!

  10. Mary

    Where’s ICE when you need them?

  11. Kevin

    When I want to catch fish, I go where the fish are. Why wasn’t ICE and every other State and Federal law enforcement agency at this event, checking immigration status? This is a blatent dereliction of duty by every senior level member of the “executive” branches of our Government!

    If we elect Randy Boyd, Diane Black, or Beth Harwell as our next Governor, (forget about any of the Democrat candidates) we will get more of the same abrogation of their oaths to protect the sovereignty of our State and Country. They all in their own discreet but distinct ways have allowed us to get to where we are today!

  12. Brian McMurphy

    Good ole Haslam. Does riding that fence ever make his butt sore?

    1. James

      Confucis said,”Man who stand in middle of road get hit by rickshaws going both ways.”

  13. John Bumpus

    One need only read this news story to ‘see’ that BIG TROUBLE may not be far off for the people of Tennessee.

    The history of man from time immemorial is that of one nation invading another to take for itself what the other has. This is what is occurring throughout the United States now ‘before our very own eyes’ from a coalition of hostile forces each of which despises out country.

    In this country, political power is almost always exercised peacefully at the ballot box. This year Tennessee’s party primary and general elections for State and Federal office could not be more important for the future of our country. The people of Tennessee HAVE TO GET THIS ELECTION RIGHT THIS YEAR!

    If we do not act intelligently, knowledgably, responsibly this year, then I fear that the inevitable result (the time frame for this is, of course, now unknowable) will be civil strife. No one should want this, but when some things are put in motion they become irreversible. Accordingly, I appeal to the common sense of the voters of Tennessee this election year.