Potential Haslam Veto of Sanctuary Bill Hurts Boyd But ‘Could Ignite’ Harwell’s Campaign

Randy Boyd and Bill Haslam

Open borders and leftist groups are demanding Governor Haslam veto the sanctuary city bill.

Proponents of the bill who don’t want criminal illegal aliens released into their communities, want the bill to become law – with or without the Governor’s signature.

Putting HB2315 into state law helps Haslam make good on his own campaign promises.

As to a potential Haslam veto, Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill says it hurts Boyd but could be just the antidote for Harwell’s anemic campaign:

A veto of the anti-sanctuary city bill by Governor Haslam could create a backlash against Randy Boyd due to his close political and personal relationship with him. But the downside to Boyd would be small in comparison to the benefit to Speaker Beth Harwell who could immediately lead a highly visible and popular legislative effort to overturn the veto which would almost certainly be successful. A veto would be the best campaign contribution that Haslam could give her, and it could ignite her struggling campaign.

If Governor Haslam doesn’t veto or sign the bill by Tuesday, May 22nd, it will become law without his signature.


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6 Thoughts to “Potential Haslam Veto of Sanctuary Bill Hurts Boyd But ‘Could Ignite’ Harwell’s Campaign”

  1. Stuart I. Anderson

    Until we deny the centrists and tepid conservatives their liberal Democratic bench by closing Republican primaries conservatives will continue to operate at a disadvantage come primary time. It’s time we attach a face to the failure of the Tennessee Republican Party to close its primaries every time that it happens.

    This year, the legislation to close the primaries simply died and BETH HARWELL let it happen on orders from the centrists and tepid conservatives leadership of the Party. As a result, there is no reason for conservatives to make a special effort to support Beth unless she is the one who has the best chance as per the polls to defeat Randy! come election time pursuant to the ANYBODY BUT BOYD strategy.

  2. lb

    Haslam is going to stab us in the back by Vetoing this bill, wait and see. Harwell? She didnt have the guts to stand up and strangle the gas bill when she had a chance and then hid while it passed, she is too rino inclined and weakwilled, spineless and meek to mount opposition and get this passed if he does–I dont trust her at all.

  3. Random Boobert

    If Haslam vetos this anti-sanctuary cities bill, the people of Tennessee will veto him should he try to go national in politics.

  4. 83ragtop50

    I cannot wait for Haslam’s term to end. The guy is an embarrassment to the state. Another proof that business wealth does not make one intelligent and trustworthy. Keep that in mind when thinking of Boyd and Lee.

  5. Ralph

    Here’s a radical thought: how about an “Enforce The Law” bill? When you get right down to it, that’s what this is all about; local and state law enforcement cooperating with Federal authorities to assist them in enforcing Federal immigration law. To do otherwise is to undermine the law governing our nation. Remove all the hysteria and restore respect for the law.

    The U.S. Constitution enumerates which powers the Federal government is to have, and naturalization has always been bestowed to the Federal, not the individual state governments.

    Harboring or otherwise facilitating illegal aliens is a Federal felony. Why are we not enforcing that law too? There’s no point in establishing a law if we are unwilling to enforce it, except for simple political posturing. (Gasp, heaven forbid!)

    Illegal entry into the country is a slap in the face to those who go through the legal process, not just the native born. It has also been proven to be a breeding ground for heinous crimes of all sorts, victimizing desperate illegal alien aspirants most of all. The real “hate” toward your fellow man is in facilitating illegal immigration.

    Read “Dreamland” if you want a well-researched and complete picture of the role that illegal immigration, specifically from Mexico, has in the rise of heroin addiction in the USA. Politicians appear to be eager to “do something” about the opioid crisis, many of the addicts turn to heroin because it’s cheaper than the illicit prescription painkillers. So enforcing immigration and naturalization law achieves two purposes, a “win-win”, except for those “charities” and “non-profits” that are no less guilty of exploitation of desperate people than the coyotes are.

  6. Bob

    Haslam would be denying the voters who put him in office and should be impeached for Vetoing this bill.