Andy Ogles, Bucky Rowland Lead in Races for Maury County Mayor and Sheriff

Most political observers are focused on the major races in Tennessee heading up to the August 2 Republican and Democratic Party primaries. Yet, there are several key local county races that are hotly contested in some of the fastest growing counties in the state, including Wilson and Maury, that merit attention as well.

In Maury County new poll shows Republican Andy Ogles leading in the race for Maury County Mayor and Independent Bucky Rowland with a substantial lead in the race for Maury County Sheriff. Ogles is former State Director for Americans for Prosperity who considered a race for U.S. Senate earlier this year before opting out when Congress-woman Marsha Blackburn entered the race to fill the seat being vacated by Senator Bob Corker. The August 2 election is the General Election for that position.

In the race for County Mayor Andy Ogles currently leads his nearest competitor, Inde-pendent Charlie Norman, by 7 points 32.4% to 25.4%. Independent candidates Sonny Shackelford 18.2%, and Amanda Kelton 5.2% trail while 18.8% remain undecided.

Andy Ogles – 32.4%
Charlie Norman – 25.4%
Sonny Shackelford – 18.2%
Amanda Kelton – 5.2%
Undecided – 18.8%

Incumbent Sheriff Bucky Rowland has a commanding lead in his race for reelection with 64.4% to Sam Barnes 13.5% while 22.1% remain undecided. The Sheriff’s race is also a General Election ballot.

Bucky Rowland – 64.4%
Sam Barnes – 13.5%
Undecided – 22.1%

The retirement of conservative Republican State Rep. Sheila Butt created an open seat in Maury County and two Republican candidates are battling to replace her. The poll shows Scott Cepicky leading in that race with 34.1% support to Michael Fulbright ’s 18.8% while a significant 47.1% remain undecided. The State House District 64 Survey used a smaller sample size of 217 than the General Election poll and should only be considered a snapshot survey. Nevertheless, it shows a Republican Primary race that is still close enough to be won by either candidate.

Scott Cepicky – 34.1%
Michael Fulbright – 18.8%
Undecided – 47.1%

The poll was conducted by Right Way Marketing, a TN based strategic research and polling firm, on behalf of Power of Liberty, a non-profit educational group. The survey, conducted May 14 – 16, included 316 likely Republican and Democrat voters and has a 5 percent margin of error.

Survey as Follows:

Maury County Survey May 7 – 16, 2018 for County Mayor, County Sheriff, State House 64.** (**Candidates listed on survey as listed on August ballot.)

Good evening, we are conducting a quick five question survey about your upcoming local election.

1. Do you plan to vote in the August 2nd election?
Press 1 for Yes
Press 2 for No
Press 3 for Undecided

2. If the election were held today, who would be your choice for Maury County Mayor, the Republican nominee Andy Ogles, Independent candidate Amanda Kelton, Inde-pendent candidate Charlie Norman or Independent candidate Sonny Shackelford?
Press 1 for Republican Andy Ogles
Press 2 for Independent Amanda Kelton
Press 3 for Independent Charlie Norman
Press 4 for Independent Sonny Shackelford
Press 5 for Undecided

3. If the election were held today, who would be your choice for Maury County Sheriff, Sam Barnes or Bucky Rowland?
Press 1 for Sam Barnes
Press 2 for Bucky Rowland
Press 3 for Undecided

4. If the election were held today, who would be your choice in the Republican primary for State Representative, Scott Cepicky or Michael Fulbright?
Press 1 for Scott Cepicky
Press 2 for Michael Fulbright
Press 3 for Undecided

5. Lastly, do you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat or Independent?
Press 1 for Republican
Press 2 for Democrat
Press 3 for Independent







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  1. […] A previous poll conducted by Right Way Marketing from May 14-16 showed Ogles leading with 32.4% over incumbent Independent Charlie Norman – 25.4%. […]