When President Trump Comes Calling, Nashville Answers by the Thousands

President Trump in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee–President Trump visited Nashville Tuesday to show his enthusiastic support of Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07), who is running to replace retiring Senator Bob Corker.

Republicans and Democrats seem to have settled on their candidates, with both Republican Blackburn and her presumed opponent, Democrat Phil Bredesen running alone in their respective primaries. As the election cycle heats up through the summer and into the fall, political watchers are predicting the battle for the open U.S. Senate seat with be as costly as it will be brutal.

President Trump’s appearance in Nashville set the stage for that contest to begin in earnest – and the people of Tennessee were there to listen, cheer and jeer.

From the reserved seating to the filled floor, Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium was¬†packed with 8,000 raucous Trump supporters who turned out – despite the bad weather – to show the President their commitment and appreciation of him and his agenda.

Here are some highlights The Tennessee Star captured leading up to and during the event.

Like all Trump events, the lines were many and long, but Tennesseans were ready for the wait – even when it started raining!

You never know who you’ll run into at a Trump Rally — here’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee saying hello…

MAGA, y’all!

After a good, long wait, the doors open … only three hours to go!

Look at all those hats!

We stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem – beautiful!

Country music star Trace Atkins takes the stage!

President Trump is in the house!

And now, a few words from Marsha Blackburn

MORE TRUMP in all his “MAGA-sty”

We see you, CNN’s Jim Acosta…

FOX News is here, too…

Back to President Trump…

Watch the video:




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One Thought to “When President Trump Comes Calling, Nashville Answers by the Thousands”

  1. Jay

    I was there. Awesome Time. Flipped off Jim Acosta, Kevin Corke is 4’11”.