Flinn Targets Kustoff for Funding Planned Parenthood in West Tennessee Congressional Battle

Flinn and Kustoff

Dr. George Flinn, conservative candidate in the Republican Congressional primary in West Tennessee’s 8th District, has released a new commercial this week targeting first term Congressman David Kustoff’s recent vote to fund Planned Parenthood. The ad features three pregnant young women talking about Kustoff’s support for Planned Parenthood versus Flinn’s commitment to protecting unborn life.

“Kustoff voted in favor of H.R. 1625, also known as the Omnibus Bill, that guarantees nearly half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood through Title X,” Flinn pointed out.

“David Kustoff has yet to explain why he teamed up with Nancy Pelosi and other pro-choice liberals to fund a private organization, best known for aborting an estimated 330,000 babies per year,” Flinn said. “How can you claim to be a real conservative after choosing to fund Planned Parenthood? It’s incomprehensible and shameful,” Flinn added.

President Donald Trump recently proposed a rule that would prevent Title X funding from going to any clinics that provide abortions– such as Planned Parenthood. Flinn says he is ready to work with President Trump to make this a reality.

“As the 8th District Congressman, I will work with and help President Trump to stop our tax dollars from going to clinics that provide abortions,” Flinn said. “Despite a majority in the House and Senate, President Trump clearly doesn’t have the right Republicans in office, because Representatives like David Kustoff are choosing to fund Planned Parenthood.”
Flinn said West Tennessee needs a Congressman who will work with President Trump to protect the lives of our unborn. “We have a President who promised that we could count on to be pro-life, now we just need a Congressman from the 8th District who is just as determined to keep that same promise,” Flinn noted.

In his 2016 campaign commercials, David Kustoff promised that he would be “pro-life” and “pro-family,” but his vote to fund Planned Parenthood reneged on that promise. “Kustoff is great at making promises,” Flinn said, “it’s keeping them that is a problem for him.”

The new television commercial is airing on broadcast and cable stations in West Tennessee.

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11 Thoughts to “Flinn Targets Kustoff for Funding Planned Parenthood in West Tennessee Congressional Battle”

  1. Cathy Holley

    Will vote for Flinn-Kustoff is just another greedy politician and lawyer to me like almost all of them. Really like the Flinn commercial with Flinn’s son.

  2. Jim Duke

    There is not a more conservative in Congress than David Kustoff.These are totally misleading ads by Flinn which is not a surprise.

    1. Lyle Focht

      David Kustoff just votes on legislation that the RNC higher ups deem acceptable. I highly doubt that Kustoff even cares what he votes on. He has taken so much money from special interest that at this point his votes are worth money to other companies…

    2. Jim Bob Throneberry

      That is what you say Jim Duke, so explain this FACT that can be verified on Kustoff’s voting record in congresss; Kustoff voted in favor of H.R. 1625, also known as the Omnibus Bill, that guarantees nearly half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood through Title X

  3. Josh Nicholson

    Hi Stuart,

    Kustoff may have seemed like a good candidate when he did not have a voting record, but now that he has one, he clearly is not a “fine conservative”. Did you know that he took money from one of the law firms that provided pro bono representation to war criminals from Guantanamo Bay? As far as I am concerned, Kustoff doesn’t represent West Tennessee, or America for that matter. It’s clear that he is just in office for the money, just like his ambulance chasing law practice.

    Also, I don’t know much about Dr. Flinn frankly, but I have never met a lawyer who wasn’t self-infatuated LOL. Kustoff is just a party shill, he does not care about conservative values. He is a puppet of the republican machine. I hope someone beats him in August.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      The Heritage Action score is based on some 60 key votes in every congress along with sponsorship of legislation that is of significance to conservatives. It is generally thought of as the most recognized score to use when conservatives evaluate legislatures because Heritage Action is a subsidiary of the prestigious Heritage Foundation. In addition, David Kustoff also has an 82% score from the Club For Growth another well regarded conservative organization. Finally, sorry, the fact that Kustoff voted to fund Planned Parenthood along with thousands of other things in a bill that was thrown together by the feckless Republican leadership and signed by Trump is not a capital crime either. It simply shows the need for Jim Jordan to be Speaker of the House, and voters over in Tennessee’s Sixth District NOT to send John Rose to Congress, among a myriad of other things.

      At a time when the average Republican House score on the Heritage scale is 64% we should not cavalierly throw a representative with an 83% out of office. This is especially true WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVE. George Flinn, REALLY!?!?!?
      Flinn has no record; no record in public office, no record of consistent conservative advocacy, and no record of significant financial support of conservative causes or candidacies (besides his bi-annual own) with his $millions. That’s the specimen that you want to replace an 82%-83% conservative? I BEG OF YOU, THINK AGAIN!!!

      1. Josh Nicholson

        Whatever helps you sleep at night. It’s time for somebody new.

  4. Steve Spicer

    Would a fine conservative have a 63% from the Conservative Review Scorecard (https://www.conservativereview.com/scorecard/)? He’s only been in office for one term and he’s already proven himself to be a clear abortion-loving, constituent-backstabbing liberal snowflake. The only reason not to replace Kustoff is if you like giving half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood.

  5. Jim Forsythe

    Anyone who funds planned parenthood should not be elected to office in this country, and probably should be deported. Killing innocent little babies is just plain evil.

  6. Stuart I. Anderson

    David Kustoff’s current Heritage score of 83% shows him to be a fine conservative during his first term in office so conservative voters of the 8th district should reward him with another term. There is no reason to replace Kustoff by a self-infatuated perennial candidate who has no record of devotion to anything except being elected to public office, ANY high public office, like George Flinn.

    1. Jon Green

      Kustoff AND his wife have been on the government payroll for years. Haslem appointed her to the Parole Board making $100,000 per year. Kustoff is arrogant and part of the establishment. He is the last person who “deserves” a seat in Congress.