Far Left Martin O’Malley Endorses Karl Dean, May Also Campaign for Him

Karl Dean, Martin O'Malley
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The far Left former governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, who also ran for President in 2016, has endorsed Democrat Karl Dean for governor of Tennessee. Dean accepted the endorsement gladly:

“I am honored to have the support of Gov. O’Malley and his Win Back Your State PAC,” Dean commented. “Tennessee’s next governor needs to be a creative problem solver who is going to find common ground for the entire state. Gov. O’Malley is working all across the country to make sure that happens.”

Dean took to twitter to brag on it a bit.

As The Nashville Post reported, O’Malley was effusive in his praise for Dean, the former mayor of Nashville. That may ultimately do more harm than good in any potential general election and it also reinforces exactly how far Left the current Democrat Party has become.

 “After another wave of Democratic primary wins across the country this week, it is clear that the tide is changing and the country is hungry for a fresh start,” O’Malley said in a press release. “There has never been a more crucial time to win back our states and take back our country, that’s for sure.”

Since his primary defeat, O’Malley has launched the Win Back Your State PAC, focused on supporting Democratic candidates in states with GOP control. The PAC’s endorsement comes with a donation of at least $1,000, training for campaign staff and a promise that O’Malley will campaign on Dean’s behalf.

“His creative, problem-solving experience makes him the perfect candidate to lead the state,” the PAC stated about Dean in announcing its endorsement. “When Karl Dean is governor, no community in Tennessee will be forgotten.”

Though Dean expressed enthusiasm to receive O’Malley’s endorsement, should the far Left former Democrat governor of Maryland actually follow up on his interest to campaign in Tennessee on behalf of Dean, the former mayor of Nashville may face a dilemma.

Where exactly in Tennessee can he be seen with O’Malley and not have the picture of the two standing together hurt him in the general election?

Dean may be counting on O’Malley’s help in fending off the challenge of populist progressive State Rep. Craig Fitzhugh (D-Ripley) ahead of the August 2 Democratic primary.

But, in a story The Tennessee Star will break tomorrow, O’Malley’s endorsement of Dean may back fire and end up helping Fitzhugh in his long shot bid to take the Democratic gubernatorial nomination away from Dean.







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One Thought to “Far Left Martin O’Malley Endorses Karl Dean, May Also Campaign for Him”

  1. Wolf Woman

    Of course Karl “Marx” Dean wants O’Malley’s endorsement. Like minds! Or birds of a feather . . .

    The democrats are the party of the illegal aliens and the Muslim Brotherhood. Just check out DNC co-chairs, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison . The dems are the red (neo-communist)-green (color of Islam) party and their sugar daddy is the globalist George Soros.