In a New TV Ad, Diane Black Says ‘We Need Lanes, Not Trains’ to Solve Nashville’s Traffic Woes

Diane Black

In a new commercial released in the Nashville media market, top-tier gubernatorial candidate Diane Black distilled her transportation proposal down to a single five-word phrase: “We need lanes, not trains.”

The long-time Tennessee representative says her plan will ease the frequent and notorious traffic snarls in part, by directing interstate trucks to a completed highway 840 bypass which will “make room for all of us who live here.”

Black’s Transportation Plan, announced in May, centers around using existing revenue to expand existing roadways as well as build new ones.

“Traffic is a problem that needs to be addressed in this region,” Black said at the unveiling of her plan. “But big government boondoggles are not the solution. The real solution is completing existing road projects and funneling commercial interstate traffic outside of commuter areas. We also need to recognize that this is not just a Davidson County problem. This is a regional problem, and we need all the counties in the area to come together and work on a regional master plan.”

Watch the commercial:


Diane Black: Stuck in traffic? Cross-country trucks are part of the problem. If we finish Interstate 840, we can send the trucks around the loop to make room for all of us who live here.

Voiceover: Diane Black’s transportation plan: More highway capacity for suburbs, speedy construction to get it done faster and no new taxes.

Diane Black: We need more lanes, not trains. We must plan for the entire region, not just the city. As governor, that’s exactly what I’ll do.






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One Thought to “In a New TV Ad, Diane Black Says ‘We Need Lanes, Not Trains’ to Solve Nashville’s Traffic Woes”

  1. Professional Traffic Engineer

    More lanes always works.

    – LA