In An Open Letter, Conservative Icon Charles Krauthammer Reveals His Terminal Illness, Bids Farewell

Charles Krauthammer

Fox News published an open letter to colleagues and fans written by conservative icon Dr. Charles Krauthammer Friday that revealed the beloved pundit and Special Report regular suffers from cancer, and that he has only weeks to live.

This is the final verdict. My fight is over,” he wrote.

Krauthammer took a leave of absence in August of 2017 to undergo surgery – the details of which were not discussed at the time – but a number of secondary complications plagued the 68-year-old’s recovery.

As recently as February, Krauthammer reached out to say he “will be back” in a letter Special Report host Bret Baier read on camera.

In his letter Friday, however, he shared that recent tests found that although the procedure to remove the malignant tumor from his abdomen was successful, the cancer had returned.

“I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months,” his letter began. “I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me.”

Read the full letter:

Official Statement – Charles Krauthammer by Fox News on Scribd


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7 Thoughts to “In An Open Letter, Conservative Icon Charles Krauthammer Reveals His Terminal Illness, Bids Farewell”

  1. Terry

    With respect to Mr. Krauthammer, wouldn’t it be appropriate to retire this article?

  2. […] Last week, Charles Krauthammer published an open letter the viewers and fans, updating them on his terminal condition and bidding them farewell. As The Tennessee Star reported: […]

  3. Brian McMurphy

    I was not a big fan of Krauthammer. At times I agreed with him and at times I did not. He seemed more combative during the Trump rise.

    I’m sure he was right every time I agreed with him. /s

    Like the Paul Wellstone funeral, people on the Right generally try to be respectful of the dead or dying but this courtesy only goes one way:

    Graaargh! Dr. Strangelove Krauthitler is an EVIL monster. Can’t wait for the eternal dirt nap for that sick, Count Chocula looking Nazi. This is the voice of the Huffington Post. This is the voice of a non-profit like Media Matters. This is the voice of one of a few bloggers that Obama personally invited to the White House during his Reign of Error to coordinate his message. Nothing will come of it except for some gift certificates for free Netflix and a Fitbit he’ll never use. There will be no Roseanne-level blowback.

    Leftists are rewarded for ghoulish behavior because they hold The Correct Opinions Against Evil. When Krauthammer passes, you are going to see so much gravedancing that all it’s going to be missing is a disco ball and a DJ. And not just whackadoos on the internet, but from columnists at allegedly respected outlets and news networks.

  4. csmednikow

    If you were on fox it was worth my time to stop and listen… you will be missed, may god take you to a place free from pain and full of those you love

  5. Eric

    While I like and admire Dr Krauthammer, he is NOT a conservative. He is a moderate.

    1. Horato Bunce

      …and a member of the globalist horde at the Council on Foreign Relations. But since he is part of the globalist horde and an operative in their “news” propaganda machine, he occasionally would telegraph the “next thing” on the globalist front, so his commentary wasn’t completely void of value. Usually against individual constitutional liberty, usually for undeclared acts of war all over the globe (fighting for the U.N. and IMF) and more federal control.

  6. Sandra L Morrison

    I am a huge fan of Dr. Charles Krauthammer and this news saddens me beyond words. Thank you Sir for your intelligence, the way you conducted your life and setting an example for the rest of us to follow. I hold you in my prayers that your end will be comfortable and peaceful. God speed!!