Tennessee GOP Slams ‘Two Faced’ Phil Bredesen for Taking Big Bucks From Chuck Schumer

Phil Bredesen, Chuck Schumer

The Tennessee Republican Party has already smacked Democrat Phil Bredesen for being “personally courted” to run for the US Senate by New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, now they’re going after Bredesen, with the help of the Washington Post, by pointing out that Schumer is “backing up the money truck to the Bredesen campaign.”

Via the Washington Post, it seems Schumer’s group is planing to drop at least seven figures into Tennessee on Bredesen’s behalf. That would make Bredesen the best liberal Democrat Schumer’s D.C. money could be – and the exact opposite of the type of representation Tennessee chose when they helped to elect President Donald Trump.

The top Senate Democratic super PAC plans to spend about $80 million to reserve fall airtime for television commercials in nine battleground states, a sizable early investment in pursuit of winning control of the Senate.

Senate Majority PAC will soon secure post-Labor Day airtime in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia, the group told The Washington Post. The spending represents its first wave of fall reservations, officials said.

“We are implementing an aggressive media strategy,” said Senate Majority PAC President J.B. Poersch, a close ally of Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). “We look forward to building off our existing momentum with smart, tactical planning to ensure victory in November,” he added in his statement.

Senate Majority PAC declined to detail how much money it intends to spend in each state. A strategist with the group said every state has at least a seven-figure ad buy.

Phil likes to tell folks he’s not a “toy of the Democratic party.” That’s true, he’s more like a piggy bank. From the Washington Examiner:
Bredesen has showered the party’s anointed with cash. He gave $4,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s campaign and leadership committees. He spent $9,000 supporting both of former Vice President Al Gore’s failed presidential campaigns. He dropped former President Barack Obama a $5,000 line and then gave another $30,000 to Obama’s affiliated victory fund. When Bredesen was “with her” though, he was especially generous. The Democrat gave ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton $2,700 then turned around and sent a whopping $33,400.00 to her victory fund.

According to a GOP press release, “Phil Bredesen is running a two faced campaign. The first is where he claims to be middle of the road, willing to work across the isle with Republicans and with the President. While on the other, he is courted to run by Chuck Schumer, takes talking points from Nancy Pelosi, donates to progressive poster children Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and allows liberal Democratic DC Super PACs to make million dollar ad buys for him,” said Chairman Scott Golden.”

Concluding, “This is exactly the swamp style behavior that Tennesseans voted to drain from Washington when they elected President Trump.”

It seems clear the GOP intends to make Bredesen’s very close ties to the liberal Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer a major issue throughout the campaign.







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