The Tennessee Star Increases Focus on Battleground States

Gill Battleground States

The Tennessee Star is increasing its coverage of Battleground States as the nation moves towards the 2018 Mid-term elections. A new link on the website is devoted to stories and reports from states where voters will determine control of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in November.

“The intense battle between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen may have an impact on the control of the Senate, although Blackburn remains the favorite,” Tennessee Star Editor-in-chief Michael Patrick Leahy pointed out. “But Tennesseans are also interested in what is happening in House and Senate races in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, and Michigan to name a few. Our new section devoted to Battleground States coverage will not only keep Tennessee voters informed about the political campaigns in those states but also remind them of the importance of the Tennessee Senate race in the national balance of power.”

The link for Battleground States appears in the top line section of The Tennessee Star.

Political Editor Steve Gill noted that there are about a dozen House races in Ohio and Pennsylvania that can either preserve the Republican Majority in the House or swing control to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  “Tennesseans, particularly those who support President Trump, have a vested interest in helping to insure that the Senate and House remain in the hands of the Republicans if they want to have the Trump tax cuts that are revitalizing our economy remain in effect, see continued progress towards securing our border with a Wall, and celebrate confirmation of conservative Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justices like Neil Gorsuch when other vacancies arise,” Gill said. “We can’t keep Making America Great if Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are positioned to bring America Down.”

Those Battleground States will also be important as we roll towards the 2020 Presidential cycle, Gill added. “It is never too early to start getting informed, involved and ready for that fight.”







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2 Thoughts to “The Tennessee Star Increases Focus on Battleground States”

  1. Sherrie Orange

    That is a great idea! Will you have input from bonified conservatives in those states?

  2. Steve L.

    Good news for your fans! Thanks!