Corker Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump On Senate Floor

Bob Corker

One might like to say outgoing Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) was in rare, or unusual form in the Senate today; unfortunately, his anti-Trump’s tirades are increasingly the norm for the diminutive senator, as opposed to the exception, as CNN reports.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker accused his party of cowering before President Donald Trump in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor Tuesday.

In an animated exchange, Corker — who was trying to get a vote on an amendment as part of an ongoing debate over the Senate’s defense bill — argued that Republicans were blocking his trade proposal because they were afraid of Trump and what he might do to the party if they upset him in an election year.

“We might poke the bear!” said Corker, who is retiring at the end of his term. “My gosh, if the President gets upset with us we might not be in the majority,” he said referring to sentiments he often hears from colleagues.

Corker has worked for the last week to try to get a vote on his amendment that would roll back Trump’s trade authority and give Congress the power to check the President’s ability to impose tariffs on national security grounds, like the steel and aluminum ones he announced earlier this month on US allies.

They say sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you–a bear in the form of President Donald Trump appears to have eaten Corker’s cerebral cortex at this point. He shows no signs of letting up on his unproductive, if not counter-productive, tactics to stymie Trump as the president attempts to negotiate better trade deals on behalf of the American workers whop elected him.

Corker’s performance continued on for quite some time:

“The United States Senate right now on June 12 is becoming a body where, well, we’ll do what we can do, but my gosh, if the President gets upset with us, then we might not be in the majority. And so let’s don’t do anything that might upset the President.”
Corker said he will try to find another bill to add his tariffs language.

“I’m not giving the fight up,” he told reporters after his amendment was blocked on the floor. “I think it’s ridiculous people can’t vote on amendments. Childish! Childish!”

On Tuesday, Corker called out Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, saying that the Texas Republican didn’t want to vote on his tariff bill because “we might upset” Trump before the midterms.

“I can’t believe it,” Corker fumed at the time.

Last week, Cornyn told reporters: “I support his (amendment) getting a vote, but I don’t think this is a time to pick a fight with the President in the run up to a midterm election.”

But then, why would Corker be concerned with the critical mid-term elections?

With low poll ratings, he decided not to run again for re-election in November, and he appears to have little interest in supporting any Republican Senate or House candidates who are supporting President Trump’s agenda.





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14 Thoughts to “Corker Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump On Senate Floor”

  1. Corker loathes Trump. He doesn’t want to give credit to Trump for anything and he doesn’t want Trump to succeed. It’s a personal vendetta. Corker has become an obstructionist along the lines of Pelosi and Schumer. I pray that Marsha Blackburn will represent us as the next U.S. Senator from our state. She will support Trump 1000%. She is suited up and ready to roll. She knows what needs to be done and has the experience, energy and fighting spirit to see Trump’s agenda through. She will always have Trump’s back-unlike Corker who enjoys stabbing Trump in the back as often as possible.

  2. lb

    His Barney Fife screaching was cringe worthy embarrassment. I had so many ppl ask me on Twitter if he was really gone– I said TN is counting the days!

  3. Horatio Bunce

    “The United States Senate right now on June 12 is becoming a body where, well, we’ll do what we can do, but my gosh, if the President gets upset with us, then we might not be in the majority. And so let’s don’t do anything that might upset the President.”

    Bailout Bob (R-Wells Fargo) said almost the same thing when responding to constituent protests over Obama’s nomination of known tax cheat Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury (I still have a copy of the letter). Bailout Bob explained how the Congress traditionally gives wide latitude to the President and his choices and how Republicans didn’t want to make any waves in the confirmation process of a known tax cheat to be in charge of the U.S. Treasury. Us little people just didn’t understand…

    That was 2009. I don’t know why Tennesseans asked for more and re-elected Bailout Bob, but he has been consistent all along as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Dr. Evil

    My evil Mini Me is working

  5. Sim

    Politics cause people to do crazy things.

    Like complaining about the “Rich” running government, then vote for the candidates who spends the most money to be elected.

    It’s why Randy Boyd bragged he would spend whatever it took to be elected.

    Why does people have to elect a candidate before they know what kind of person they are, most don’t take the time to investigate a candidates history and compare that with what they’re promising to do.

    Boyd donated 250 thousand to help “Illegals”, but campaigns against “Illegals”, his money speaks louder than his words.

    Corker and Alexander both pull the wool over people eyes, if Trump accomplishes nothing else, he has caused the sheep skins to come off of the wolves in Government.

  6. Brian McMurphy

    It was like the scene where Jim Breuer is fired from the record store in Half-Baked and has his Jerry Maguire moment. Maybe NSFW? Eh.

    Lameduck Corker employeeing everyone in an empty hall to join him on conservative ideological grounds coming from the guy who has like a 48% Heritage Foundation score.

    He has principles. And if you don’t like those, he has others.

    1. Brian McMurphy

      Imploring. Geez.

  7. Bill E.

    Where was this mouth of the South when Oduma was president? And why do these so called “republican” senators and congressmen who upon leaving office due to lack of leadership and honesty try to undermine everything they supposedly stood for? True colors are revealed when spoiled brats don’t get their way……pathetic.

  8. Jim Forsythe

    Corker is a total jerk! Our President has done a great job fulfilling his promises, even with the violent opposition of jerks like Corker, and his democratic buddies.

  9. Terrell Davis

    About the only smart thing that Corker has said recently is that he’s not seeking reelection…and we aren’t even sure that we can believe that statement. He’s a major disappointment for the citizens of Tennessee who voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. Of course, those who voted against Trump probably love the UnCorked one!

  10. Silence D.

    Only one reason for Corker to be this upset with the Tariff’s: Money. He and his cronies must stand to lose a great deal of money because of these efforts by President Trump to re-shore jobs and help the average citizen find gainful employment. Bob is losing and America is winning.

  11. Ned T.

    Disgusting RINO dwarf.

  12. Don Y.

    Corker needs to resign now. He never represented his constituents.

  13. Bruce

    PLEASE! We all need to contact Gov. Haslam to get this idiot recalled.