State Rep. Jay Reedy Endorses Bill Lee for Governor

Reedy Bill Lee

State Rep. Jay Reedy (R-Erin) endorsed Williamson County businessman Bill Lee for governor at a joint town hall appearance on Thursday.

Reedy released a statement that same day announcing his endorsement:

In 2014, I was running for State Representative of District 74, Houston, Humphreys, and part of Montgomery Counties. I was called an outsider in politics because I never held and elected office. People of district 74 was looking for change! They asked if I was a Christian, Conservative, and where I stood on the 2nd Amendment. Yes, to the first two questions and my reply for the 2nd Amendment is that I am an NRA Life Member since 1986.

I passed some common-sense legislation in my first term and just completed some worthwhile legislation in my second term, with Anti-Sanctuary Cities 2018 legislation. This will protect Tennesseans and Tennessee borders from criminal illegal aliens.

With my time as a non-politician outsider, I have proven that an outsider can go to Capitol Hill and make a difference for Tennessee.

With my passed experience as a state representative, I believe there is more work that can been accomplished by “outsiders” and with this being said, I publicly announce my endorsement of BILL LEE for Governor. He has the passion as a Christian, a heart of a servant, the knowledge of a business owner who can keep TN moving forward.

I must admit that Bill Lee doesn’t need my endorsement, however, I need Bill Lee to become governor so we can accomplish great conservative ideas for Tennessee. Let’s keep, “Tennessee – America at its Best.”

“Jay has been a tremendous friend and supporter, and I look forward to working with him as governor,” Lee said in response to Reedy’s endorsement.

“I am grateful for his leadership on major issues that have faced our state like sanctuary cities, common core, and defending liberty. I am grateful for his support, and with his help, and the help of numerous Republicans across this state, we will win on August 2,” Lee added.

State Rep. Reedy was first elected to represent the 74th District in the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2014. He was the first Republican to represent the district in 40 years.

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2 Thoughts to “State Rep. Jay Reedy Endorses Bill Lee for Governor”

  1. lb

    So this guy is endorsing a guy who has no actual policies?

  2. 83ragtop50

    This appears to be another instance of political payback for backing Mr. reedy these past several years. I suppose that there is nothing wrong with supporting your buddies. But I cannot support Mr. Lee but at least he appears to earn his income using American labor as opposed to all of the offshore sourcing through which Mr. Boyd has built his mass fortune.