Following Portland, San Diego, and New York, ICE Protesters Set Up Camp In Front Of LA Detention Center

Anti-ICE camp

by Julia Cohen


A group who calls itself “L.A. Against I.C.E.” has set up a camp in front of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Los Angeles detention center, according to the group’s twitter account.

The group have been outside of the center since Friday, according to a tweet retweeted by L.A. Against I.C.E’s account on Sunday. The group’s twitter feed is urging supporters to bring supplies to the camp that may foreshadow potential violence, including 16C batteries, bandages and mechanical pencils.

Daily Caller News FoundationThe group also tweeted it has some “really great stuff planned” Monday. The group suggested making large banners to drop across a Los Angeles freeway on Sunday.

The LA camp comes in the wake of several other protests at ICE facilities last week, including a protest at ICE’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, that shut down the office for almost a full week. ICE employees went back to work Monday in Oregon for the first time since June 19 , according to a report from The Oregonian Monday.

ICE protesters are also in Pittsburgh Monday demonstrating in front of an ICE office, according to a tweet from KDKA radio.

The movement to abolish ICE has gained traction among left-wing extremist groups and more mainstream politicians alike. New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon has called for the abolition of the agency many times throughout her campaign. She also started a petition, linked to her campaign page, to get rid of ICE.

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