Will Pro-Abortion Bredesen Support Confirmation of a Pro-Life Justice to the Supreme Court?

Phil Bredesen

On Wednesday Democrat Tennessee Senate Candidate Phil Bredesen issued a Twitter statement regarding the upcoming confirmation battle to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. “Not long ago, Senate judicial confirmations were free of openly partisan politics. Justices Scalia & Ginsburg each got 90+ votes. I’m going to vote for or against a nominee based solely on whether I believe them to be highly qualified & ethical, not based on partisan politics.”

Bredesen did not indicate whether ideological differences on certain issues would disqualify a nominee for a Federal judicial appointment from receiving his vote for confirmation if he is elected to the U.S. Senate.

Since Bredesen tweeted his statement Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who recruited Bredesen to run for Corker’s Senate seat, has called on his fellow Democrats to reject any nominee who does not embrace abortion.  And although Trump has not yet announced his selection of a replacement for Kennedy, liberal Democrats are already in a meltdown.

Liberal host Chris Matthews is calling for Democrats to seek revenge against any Trump nominee and calling for a boycott by Democrat Senators.  Liberal groups are already running ads against prospective nominees, though Trump hasn’t even made his pick.  And other liberal Democratic Party activists are calling for rejection of the entire list that Trump has said he will select from.  Senate Democrats are already joining the call to oppose ANYBODY Trump selects.

Will Phil Bredesen go against the wishes of his party leadership, his donors, the liberal activist bas of the Democratic Party and support a conservative nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump?

More importantly, IF he is elected will he do so when the NEXT nominee comes up for confirmation and when a Justice Breyer or Ginsberg is set to be replaced by a conservative? Particularly when he will be 4-5 years away from facing Tennessee voters?

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill says:

Virtually no political observer would ever see Bredesen as a “profile in courage” who will face down the entire liberal Democratic Party apparatus and side with Donald Trump, no matter how many carefully crafted tweets he issues between now and November. For Tennessee voters, this Supreme Court battle illustrates who Phil Bredesen really is, and will be, if he is elected to the Senate.






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