Protests, Polls, and Hysteria: Steve Gill Talks About the Failing Narrative of the Democrats on ICE and How Swing Voters Really Feel About It

Steve Gill

On Monday’s Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, conservative pundit and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill reflected on the Democrat’s failing political strategy in regards to ICE and what polls really prove about majority of the parties base.

“We talked a little bit today some of the other polls – including The Tennessee Star Poll. Well, the new national poll is also revealing when it comes to what’s happening out in the rest of the world,” Gill said.

He continued:

Over the weekend we saw a lot of these protest rallies across Tennessee and across the country as the left wing ‘hystericals’ were absolutely pitching a hissy-fit over the Donald Trump plan to deport and detain illegal immigrants.

Now, they’re trying to play this game of saying we should abolish ICE – the immigration and customs enforcement agency – and have completely open borders, so everybody can come into our country and presumably get on welfare, and suck away our jobs, and well, destroy our country.

The bottom line as we talked earlier today is that Mexico is about to see a flood of Mexicans coming across our border with their new President who is encouraging them to invade the U.S. and who is going to implement the same socialism that is destroying – and has destroyed – Venezuela.  So if we don’t lock down the border and empower ICE even more than we have, we are going to have a national crisis.  Beyond anything we can imagine. Now how is it playing politically?

Well, a new poll, shows that – although Democrats are promoting the idea of getting rid of ICE and demanding that ICE be abolished – a new Harvard Harris poll says that swing voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the Democrats plan to end all immigration enforcement across the U.S.  That’s right, the Harvard Harris poll says that 3 out of 4 swing voters oppose the Democrats plan to abolish ICE.

And yet you’ve got Chuck Shumer, you’ve got, other Democratic party leaders, like Nancy Pelosi, embracing the ‘abolish ICE’ plan.  Now Republicans don’t support it all, and Democrats don’t really support it that great.  But the problem for the Democrats is that 3 in 4, about 73% of swing voters don’t want to abolish ICE.  So, the Democrats are pushing an agenda that isn’t playing well with voters, and won’t play well for them in November.

You wonder why Donald Trump looks so happy?  Because the Democrats are playing right into his hands.  And if the Republican’s will back him up, there could be a red wave this November, not a blue wave.

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