TDOT Considers Total Closure of Interstate 440 For Reconstruction

Highway 440, Nashville

TDOT is planning to overhaul Interstate 440 in Nashville, with options ranging from closing segments at a time all the way to completely closing the roadway for 10 months.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation laid the options out at a public information meeting on Tuesday.

WKRN reports the department is considering three closures, each focusing on two areas of the road: east, from Interstate 24 to Interstate 65, and west, from I-65 to Interstate 40.

One option is temporary lane closures in both directions lasting 36 months. The second option, WKRN says, would be to completely close I-440 east then west for 10 months to get the project done in a faster time.

Or, a third approach would combine the first two options and take up to 22 months.

TDOT says it is using the Design-Build method to deliver the I-440 Reconstruction Project. Four Design-Build teams are preparing proposals that will include final design of the project, plans for how it will be constructed and a bid amount. TDOT has provided the teams with the three construction options.

The Design-Build teams will submit their final proposals later this month, the department says. TDOT hopes to award the I-440 Reconstruction Project contract in August, with preliminary construction work beginning this fall.

Officials said Interstate 840 and Briley Parkway will serve as main alternate routes, WKRN says.

More information on the Design-Build process is online at TDOT’s Davidson County I-440 page.






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