Tennessee’s 2nd District: Tim Burchett Reports Huge Fundraising Haul for Second Quarter

Tim Burchett

Knox County Mayor and Republican congressional candidate in the 2nd Congressional District had an impressive second quarter fundraising report according to a release from his campaign on Thursday. Burchett reports raising $225,000 during the most recent reporting period that ended on June 30th. To date Burchett has reported raising over $590,000.

“I am honored and humbled by the outpouring of support our campaign has experienced across the Second District,” Burchett said in announcing his fundraising totals. “From fundraisers, to local events, to volunteers who spend their weekends knocking on doors in the sweltering heat, I am lucky to have the hardest-working, most enthusiastic supporters this state has ever seen.”

Burchett hired highly regarded Republican fundraiser Kim Kaegi as he headed into the quarter and the results speak for themselves, one political insider noted in reviewing the numbers. “The biggest question mark about Tim was whether he could raise the money to wage a competitive race against two significant self-funders in Jason Emert and Jimmy Matlock. Clearly he and his team have answered that question in the affirmative and added an exclamation point this quarter.”

Early voting in the primary election begins today with Election Day on August 2. The winner of the primary in the heavily Republican district will be highly favored to replace retiring Congressman Jimmy Duncan who has held the seat for three decades.









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4 Thoughts to “Tennessee’s 2nd District: Tim Burchett Reports Huge Fundraising Haul for Second Quarter”

  1. Silence Dogood

    I suppose one day only the rich, who self fund their campaigns, will be able to run for office. Are they “elites”? I have been contributing $25/month to his campaign since he declared. I am not elitist. Tim is honest and served this county well. I am voting Tim!! MAGA!!

  2. Kevin

    That’s right! Burchett’s true colors, mainly “blue” with some “red” highlights, are clearly displayed on his yard signs!

    Regarding the fund raising, he’s going to need it. When he loses this election, he can’t go back to his business or career, politics IS his career! But who am I kidding, he’ll slide right into the fifth branch of government, the “special interest” branch! At some point, maybe We the People will take back our government!

  3. Howard

    The majority of Burchett’s funds this quarter came from elites in Knoxville who pushed for tax increases. He also had a Belle Meade fundraiser hosted by a Democrat lobbyist. His true colors are definitely starting to show.