Steve Gill Remembers When Democrat Delegates Booed God at The 2012 DNC Convention

Steve Gill

On Friday’s Gill Report, broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville, conservative commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was in disbelief as he reflected upon the Democratic Party’s convention in 2012 where delegates voted emotionally against a Godly provision in their platform.

“We were talking a moment ago about the Democrats booing God at their convention,” marveled Gill. “Now the reason this came up is that there had been a provision about God in their platform that they removed it, and then because there was so much backlash and pressure they decided to try and add the reference to God back into their platform.”

He continued:

And it came up for a vote and the Democrats voted against it but the chair after hearing the loud explosion of boos against God, said, ‘Oh in the opinion of the chair it passes,’ and they added God back to their platform against the votes in attendance at the Democratic convention.

This is Sheppard Smith of Fox News reporting on it at the time.

SPEAKER FROM THE DNC CONVENTION FLOOR: Is there any further discussion, hearing none, the matter requires a two thirds vote in the affirmative, all those delegates in favor say, ‘Aye.’


DNC SPEAKER: All those delegates opposed say, ‘No.’


DNC SPEAKER: In the opinion of the— let me do that again. [PAUSE] All of those delegates in favor say, ‘Aye.’


DNC SPEAKER: All those delegates opposed, say ‘No.’


[Crowd clamoring]

DNC SPEAKER: I um, I guess. I’ll do that one more time. All those delegates in favor say, ‘Aye.’


DNC SPEAKER: All those delegates opposed say, ‘No.’


DNC SPEAKER [over loud booing from the audience]: In the opinion of the chair two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.”

Fox News’ Sheppard Smith reacted, “Two thirds? Some questions I suppose about whether they really got the two thirds majority they needed you heard the audio. But for now, the platform is changed. And a senior campaign official now confirms to fox news that president Obama personally got involved to make all this happen.”

“You just can’t make this stuff up.” Steve Gill said. “That’s from the Democratic Convention in 2012 where their delegates voted against putting God back into their platform, and then they booed when the Democratic Party hierarchy ignored their votes and did it anyway.

“You can’t make this up,” Gill concluded.

Listen to the segment:


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2 Thoughts to “Steve Gill Remembers When Democrat Delegates Booed God at The 2012 DNC Convention”

  1. Rosanne Podolsky

    I am not a democrat but I was so shocked when I heard them boo God. I thought wow they are setting themselves up for a massive failure.

  2. Bill

    I’ve said it all along . You cannot possibly claim a personal relationship with God and vote democrat. They (democrat party) stand in support of evil at every juncture. Same sex marriage, LGBTQ equality, abortion,etc. The former president even mocked Jesus’s teaching as the crowd laughed during his campaign. So, no, I really cannot see the democrat party and Christianity ” coexisting “. The reason they want to remove God from their platform has always been to accomplish their socialistic agenda, but it cannot be accomplished with people of faith until God is taken out. We’ve seen their demonic responses since the election, but wait until they accomplish this goal one day and we’ll see all hell break loose.