Tennessee’s 2nd District: Tim Burchett Releases New Ad Promoting His Support for President Trump

Donald Trump, Tim Burchett

Knox County Mayor and Republican candidate for Congress in Tennessee’s 2d Congressional District has a new television commercial airing that promotes his support for President Trump.  This is Burchett’s second ad and it is airing on both broadcast and cable throughout the district.


Hey, I’m Tim Burchett, and I’m running for Congress to help President Trump shake up Washington.

Everyone says they’re for Trump, but I’m the only candidate who supported Donald Trump in the 2016 primary.

As mayor, I took on the tax-hikers and the big-spenders.

And I fought to ban hiring illegal immigrants over Americans.

I’m proud to be pro-life, pro-gun, pro-America.

I’m Tim Burchett and I approve this message because I’m a true conservative and I will never pretend to be otherwise.

Early voting in the primary election began Friday with Election Day on August 2. The winner of the primary in the heavily Republican district will be highly favored to replace retiring Congressman Jimmy Duncan who has held the seat for three decades.

Burchett announced a big fundraising total in the second quarter of 2018 earlier this week.








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