PAC Ad Supporting Harwell Says Legalized Marijuana Will ‘Create a State That Lets People Live in a Better State’

Bruce Wolfe

A new ad from a PAC called TN State Victory touting gubernatorial candidate Beth Harwell’s support of medical marijuana has hit the airwaves.

Sources tell The Tennessee Star the PAC is spending $87,000 to run the ad on broadcast and cable television stations around the state, beginning today and continuing until Wednesday, the day before the Thursday August 2 primary election.

Accompanyed a dramatic piano musical score, the 30-second spot features Dr. Bruce Wolfe.

He says:

All my training tells me to do everything I can to help my patients. Suffering comes in all forms, and patients need options for relief. We need to legalizae medical marijuana so we can regulate its use and help cancer patients, people with siezure and anxiety disorders, and give patients in pain an alternative to avoid addictive opiates.

The only candidate for governor that is for medical marijuana is Beth Harwell.

Beth will help Tennesseeans create a state that lets people live in a better state.

Watch the ad:

According to polling, the Tennessee State House Speaker Beth Harwell is in a distant fourth place behind front-runners Bill Lee, Diane Black, and Randy Boyd.

Last Friday, Harwell promised a ‘major announcement.’ Many political watchers speculated she would be withdrawing from the hotly contested Republican gubernatorial primary. Instead, she took the opportunity to reiterate her support for the controversial drug policy.

As The Tennessee Star reported:

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) held a press conference this morning, which she had promised would be a “major announcement,” in which she restated her support for legalizing medical marijuana in Tennessee.

“Alongside two doctors at a news conference Friday, Harwell said she supports use of oils and additives, not smoking marijuana. She said she isn’t supporting recreational marijuana,” the Associated Press reported shortly after noon on Friday:

State House Speaker Beth Harwell is running a TV ad about supporting medical marijuana as she tries to separate herself from the Republican field for Tennessee governor before the Aug. 2 primary.

In the ad, Harwell says she’s the only Republican gubernatorial candidate who supports doctor-prescribed medical cannabis. The ad includes a 2015 clip of President Donald Trump saying he thinks “medical should happen.”

Harwell first indicated she was inclined to support the legalization of medical marijuana in Tennessee back in August 2017, a position she restated in January.

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7 Thoughts to “PAC Ad Supporting Harwell Says Legalized Marijuana Will ‘Create a State That Lets People Live in a Better State’”

  1. Dope Fiend

    If Purdue Pharma tried to legalize marijuana it would be treated as a scourge to society. But, when the Left tries to legalize marijuana it becomes a savior to those in pain.

  2. 83ragtop50

    I suggest that Ms. Harwell relocate to Colorado, California, Oregon or Washington where she can enjoy her weed. What a weak pitch by a weaker candidate.

    1. Jeremy

      Or ya know, she’s trying to help families like mine with my wife and son who have epilepsy. CBD oil has stopped my sons seizures completely. Get your head out of the reefer madness sand and wake up. It’s not a it getting high, it’s about helping people.

    2. Paul Kuhn

      I suggest you ask yourself why 80% of Tennesseans support medical cannabis, including those in the most conservative districts. Perhaps because like me when my late wife was battling cancer and legal pharmaceuticals failed, they’ve seen cannabis work as medicine. What other issue has 80% support?

  3. Randall

    Cocaine also stops pain, but it shouldn’t be legalized. Just a move to please the Left.

    1. ImForFreedom

      Derivatives of cocaine are used in dentist offices, and hospitals around the country everyday.

      1. Randall

        Ok. Legalize marijuana. Then you’ll have an industry that you can sue out of existence when it creates health problems.