Tennessee’s 8th District: Trump Tweets Endorsement of Congressman Kustoff

David Kustoff

“Congressman David Kustoff has been a champion for the Trump Agenda – I greatly appreciate his support,” President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter late Friday afternoon as he endorsed the 8th District Congressman for reelection. “David is strong on crime and borders, loves our Military, Vets and Second Amendment. Get out and vote for David on Thursday, August 2nd. He has my full and total Endorsement!”

Kustoff is facing a challenge from Dr. George Flinn, who narrowly lost a multi-candidate race to Kustoff two years ago. Kustoff has been dealing with a new Flinn ad hitting him for criticizing three pregnant women who had challenged Kustoff for voting to fund Planned Parenthood as part of last year’s $1.3 Trillion Omnibus spending package.  The endorsement from the President may get the Kustoff campaign back on offense.

Kustoff immediately aired a new television commercial promoting the Trump endorsement, which indicates that it was not unexpected.

Kustoff ad “Trump” transcript:

Announcer: “Big news in the race for Congress. President Trump has endorsed David Kustoff. President Trump supports David Kustoff because David voted to build the border wall. Voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Has voted against Nancy Pelosi almost 700 times. Together President Trump and David Kustoff are fighting to drain the swamp.

Join President Trump, National Right to Life and the NRA and vote conservative David Kustoff for Congress.”

Kustoff: “I’m David Kustoff and I approved this message.”

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill pointed out that the endorsement of Kustoff may indicate that Congresswoman Diane Black, who had been hoping for her own endorsement by Trump, may be left on the sidelines. Black did get an endorsement from Vice President Pence earlier in the day on Friday, who also made his preference known by tweet.

“With early voting ending on Saturday both endorsements come with about half of the votes already cast,” Gill added. “They certainly are helpful, but how much they will move the dial in both races won’t really be apparent until Thursday night.”






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