Phil Bredesen Fails to Disavow Tennessee Democratic Party Spokesman Who Said ‘F*** Reaching Out to Trump Voters. The Idiots Aren’t Listening’

Mark Brown

Republicans are raising a ruckus over a spokesman for the Tennessee Democratic Party’s use of foul language and name-calling, especially since that spokesman has been vigorously promoting the candidacy of Democrat Phil Bredesen for the U.S. Senate, who has expressed outrage at being called a “liberal.”

The former governor, who is running in the U.S. Senate race against Rep. Marsh Blackburn (R-TN-07), said last week it was “name-calling” when Vice President Mike Pence said he is a “liberal.”

However, Tennessee Republicans say Bredesen is deaf when it comes to the many imprecations uttered by state Democratic communications official Mark Brown, the Washington Free Beacon said.

Brown, who has been promoting Bredesen’s campaign in his role as a spokesman for the Tennessee Democratic Party, in the past has tweeted “f*** ‘reaching out’ to Trump voters. The idiots aren’t listening.”

The Tennessee Star reached out to the Bredesen campaign to ask if the former governor disavowed the Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Mark Brown, or his foul-mouthed comments about the 1.5 million Trump voters in Tennessee.

The Bredesen campaign did not respond.

Bredesen’s failure to disavow Brown’s vulgar comments is not expected to sit well with Tennesseans, who are well known for their civility and good manners, something with which Mark Brown appears to be entirely unfamiliar.

Indeed, Brown seems fascinated with the four-letter word, using it to create this gem of a word in a tweet about President Donald Trump: “Racist much, f***stik? #InsaneClownPresident.”

Then there was: “@realDonaldTrump You are Putin’s b**** and a #F******Moron.”

Meanwhile, Bredesen is casting himself as a centrist who could work with Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Bredesen is not saying how he would work with those his spokesman believes are idiots. The Washington Free Beacon said both his campaign and the Tennessee Democratic Party failed to respond to requests for an interview about Brown.

Scott Golden, the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, labeled Brown a “professional Twitter troll” who has been “expressing his party’s true sentiments about President Trump.”

Fox News also picked up the story on Sunday, with the blaring headline, “Top Tennessee Dem Party official snubs ‘reaching out’ to Trump voters, calls them ‘idiots’.”

From there, talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh featured the story on Monday’s broadcast saying,”[Hillary Clinton] calls Trump voters and others deplorables, this guy calls Trump voters idiots, and I’m sure he thinks the same thing of you.”

Limbaugh said:

His name is Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democrat Party, currently working as the leading spokesperson to help Democrat Phil Bredesen win the Senate race against Marsha Blackburn. Has made a number of over the top comments on social media including calling them – I can’t even use the word here. It – the root of this word is the f bomb and Putin’s bitch.

That’s what this guy working for the Democrat candidate for the Senate in Tennessee is running around calling Trump. He says exactly ‘screw reaching out to Trump voters’ he said. He didn’t say screw – he dropped the f bomb. ‘Those idiots aren’t listening’ Brown wrote in one of the tweets.

In other tweets he also called Trump an f-ing moron, and an insane f. Are these the people that somehow are going to win an election? Not interested in Trump voters? Thinking they can insult them? I take you back to my first question: Why is Trump talking about shutting down the government over lack of funding for a wall? The answer, or part of it, can be found right here in this little story out of Tennessee.

Listen to the three-minute segment:

Since the Beacon published the profane revelations, the story has gone viral putting Brown the the center of a hypocritical firestorm of name-calling. So far, the piece has nearly 500 Facebook “shares” and more than 800 reactions – more than half of which are “angry.”

Reaction to the story about the tweets have reflected the feeling the Brown’s comments represent the unvarnished truth of the Democratic Party stance.

Commenter Bruce wrote, “There is no such thing as a “centrist democrat”. No matter what they say during their campaign, if elected they will join the far-left socialist hive-mind. There will be no “working with Republicans”. Don’t be fooled.”

Christine added, “We are listening to EVERY word you say! As stupid, unproductive, and filthy it is! The END of the Democratic Party!”

Carol commented, “Bredesen’s tone when he announced he was running was not good when he talked about President Trump..Sorry but I just do not trust Democrats, not with all the vile things they are saying in DC about Trump and those of us that voted for him..I voted early and DID NOT vote for Bredesen.”

Donna, a Californian, offered this warning, “Vote red or you’ll be like my state, California. That ought to scare you to death!! I’m a native Californian and I’m just sick about how my once beautiful state has turned into a nasty dump!!!!”

Rush Limbaugh’s post of the story has generated quite a bit of reaction, with the post receiving 100 “shares” and more than 200 “reactions” within one hour of its posting.









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25 Thoughts to “Phil Bredesen Fails to Disavow Tennessee Democratic Party Spokesman Who Said ‘F*** Reaching Out to Trump Voters. The Idiots Aren’t Listening’”

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  8. paulJ

    I wouldn’t get too upset by the faux tough salty talk of this effeminate beta Dem spokesperson. He’s clearly trying to compensate with some tough sailor talk (he’s probably solicited a few male sailors in the recent past).
    That being said, I wish Lee, Boyd or Black had made the Senate race rather than Gubernatorial race. Marsha is weak. I will vote for her solely because a vote for Bredesen is a vote for Schumer and Marsha will have no idea what she is voting for, but at least will vote “right”.

  9. […] refused to disavow the comments of Tennessee Democrat Party spokesman Mark Brown, who infamously said “F*** reaching out to Trump supporters. They’re all idiots.” “If Bredesen […]

  10. […] apparently does not consider it to be “hyper-partisan squabbling” when Mark Brown, spokesperson for the Tennessee Democrat Party, says “F*** Trump supporters. […]

  11. The left have has become the party of violence. Democrats don their masks and attacked peaceful protesters even prayer groups. Democrats and the left no longer represent America or Americans. They represent the elitists and the globalists. They want open borders and a flood of illegal immigrants to bring down wages and replace the now “racist” white people. We have watched them lie, cheat and even attempt to steal an election from Americans (using Hollywood Elitists who begged electoral college members to not to vote for President Trump). You can see the elitists who control the media, use their “news” channels to promote propaganda, hateful rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters, divisive rhetoric meant to further dividing the nation(more than obama did) based on race, wealth, religion and sexual orientation. President Trump exposed the leftstream media for their bias and in turn, the networks launched a never ending attack on President Trump. The democrats opposed EVERYTHING President Trump has done for America (tax cuts, cutting regulations, making peace with North Korea, securing the border, ending bad trade deals, ending the obamacare mandate, creating jobs, unity, peace, infrastructure bills, and giving our servicemen and women a pay raise). The democrats want to destroy America, at any cost. We have watched as they labeled white people racist just for being born white. The democrats spent 8 years labeling anyone who opposed obama and his agenda as a racist. The democrats tactics have went from name calling (under obama) to violence in order to silence any opposition. The democrats no longer are they party that cares about the middle and working class. They have chosen the rich elites as the people they care about.
    This is why we must vote ALL democrats out.
    They have become the party of the global elites, the silicon valley billionaires (who are silencing any and all opposing opinions), the violent radicals who despise free speech and the 2nd Amendment, Hollywood and sport entertainer millionaires, the illegal immigrants, the socialists and communists.
    The democrats are they party of the destroyers of America.

  12. […] asked U.S. Rep. Blackburn (R-TN-07) about comments made by Mark Brown, a Tennessee Democratic Party communications official who is serving as […]

    1. Mr.Brown’s comments only show proof of the hatred the left has for anyone that doesn’t agree with them or follow the identity politics program. Since President Trump won the election the left has spiraled into a hate filled abyss. We have seen them attack our President every single day he has been in office. We have watched as they pushed wild conspiracy theories about Russia despite NO evidence supporting their theory. We watched as the left attacked peaceful protests and FREE SPEECH assemblies (even a prayer event). We have seen the left play identity politics for 8 years, further dividing the nation. We have seen the left don their masks to hide their identities as they launched violent protests and assaults against anyone supporting free speech. We spent 8 years listening to the left label people racist for disagreeing with obama or label them a bigot for being a Christian. We watched the left lie, cheat and attempt to steal the election from Republicans using Hollywood actors pleading with the electoral college to vote against President Trump.We have watched from day 1 as the left opposed EVERYTHING President Trump has been doing for Americans (tax breaks, cutting regulations, giving the military a raise, ending the obamacare mandate, securing our borders, negotiating PEACE with North Korea etc)

      This is why it is essential that we vote the left from congress. They no longer represent the working people of America. They represent the elitists that loves foreign labor and illegal immigrants (bringing the wages down across America). The chose to play identity politics by labeling White people as racist and talking about their “privilege”. They choose to target Christians for their beliefs while protecting Muslims for the very same beliefs. They don’t want to make America better, they want to make it Venezuela. They want to burden the middle and working class with endless taxes to fund free healthcare for the illegal immigrants they allowed in to replace middle and working class. They are no longer a party that represents the working people of America. They are the party of the elite. The party of millionaire actors and sports entertainers.

      Do your part to protect America and vote out the Democrats.

  13. Marie

    If the show I’m watching on tv has more than three bleeps before the first commercial, I switch channels. This guy uses curse words and expects me to listen to him? NO WAY!!!
    Democratic Socialist Party? Remember the last two Socialist parties? They came to power using the same tactics that the Democrats are using – riots, defaming the character of the opposing party, assassination, using racism to divide the people of their country.
    Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, aka USSR
    National Socialist German Workers Party, aka NAZI, now know as the NSDAP.
    If you don’t believe me, look it up.

  14. […] regarding President Donald Trump, his supporters, conservatives and Republicans, The Tennessee Star reported Tuesday. He said those who voted for Trump are […]

  15. Ayndy

    Bredesen received a $1000000000 tax increase when he first took office as Gov’ner. In four years, he was back asking for more; this time in the form of an income tax. Enter Ms Marsha Blackburn, and no income tax. As Us Representative, she’s been great for our district.
    She will be great for our state!!

  16. L Potts

    This is the NEW Democratic Socialist Far Left Liberal party. Bredesen is no different. Anyone voting Democrat needs to have the hole in their head attended to by a Brain Surgeon. Admitting them to Vanderbilt Mental Hospital is where they need to be.
    It would not do them any good because “They don’t listen as M. Brown says.” Mr.. Bredesen is a phony and fake. Vote Diane Black!!

    1. C. Hutdhins

      Voting for Diane Black for Governor is fine, but to defeat Bredesen you need to vote for Marsha Blackburn for Senate.

    2. Ron W

      In the Senate race vs. Bredesen, vote Marsha Blackburn.

  17. Ron W

    Bredesen says calling him “liberal” is name calling?? It’s just a descriptive political term. He should disavow this Tennessee Dem Party guy, because his own TV ad says he will support Trump when he proposes something good for Tennessee. And say, no I’m not a liberal, I’m an independent–IF that is what he is. He could quote JFK , who said, “sometimes party loyalty asks too much”. But the fact that he won’t disavow this vile Dem party spokesman’s language or more precisely articulate his supposed independent stance shows he will throw in with the leftist “resistance” if elected.

  18. lb

    We already know they think of us like this. WHO would vote for a Dem knowing this? Just the ones who agree–anyone with a moderate view wouldnt be welcome and Bredesen is such a PHONY. I cant wait for Diane to win and unleash on his dirty dealings.

    Wait and see–this guy will NOT resign or apologize

  19. Wolf Woman

    Phil, itching much from the flea bites you got laying down with dogs?

  20. Rick

    What trash ! It is statements like these that are to me destroying the democrat party. Just unnecessary gutter trash comments..

  21. Randall

    What a d*** !