Letter to the Editor: Corinthia Elder Gets Her Facts Straight

Corinthia Elder

Dear Tennessee Star,

In Dennis Pearson’s June 18 letter to the editor in The Leaf Chronicle (Clarksville), he claims to be a “Ronald Reagan Republican.” It seems he has forgotten one of President Reagan’s most famous quotes.  To Reagan supporters, it is known as “the 11th Commandment.”  It simply says, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

In his 1990 autobiography “An American Life,” Reagan said he followed this rule since 1968 during his first run for California governor.  He said it served him well throughout his often tumultuous political life.

Corinthia Elder is the Republican nominee to be Montgomery County’s next trustee by virtue of winning the May 1 primary.  However, she’s getting support from independents and Democrats across the county because voters know and trust her. They know the “content of her character.”

Pearson’s comments were wrapped up in his endorsement of “independent” candidate, Kimberly Wiggins.  She’s only an “independent” because she was not eligible to run as a Republican since she has never voted in a GOP primary during her 10 years here.  If one looks at her voting record, it shows she’s voted in three Democratic primaries. Interesting, that she chooses to run as an independent.

I have heard on several occasions that she does not want to offend anyone is why she is running as an independent.  What really offends me is that she votes Democrat, declares she is an independent, and attends Republican events looking for support.

We can’t trust Dr. Pearson in his claims of being a Reagan Republican, especially since records show he hasn’t voted in a Republican primary since 2010.  Nor can we trust Kimberly Wiggins to be our next trustee.  There is too much at stake on August 2 not to vote for Corinthia Elder.  She gets her facts straight.


Cathy K.
Clarksville, TN


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