Gas Tax-Supporting Tim Wirgau Goes Down to Defeat in State House District 75

Tim Wirgau

Political newcomer Bruce Griffey defeated gas tax increase-supporting State Rep. Tim Wirgau in State House District 75 Republican primary Thursday night, 58 per cent to 42 percent.

The final results, as reported by The Tennessee Secretary of State’s office, were:

Bruce I. Griffey6,38058.39%
Tim Wirgau4,54741.61%

Wirgau was not the only gas tax increase supporter to lose last night. State Rep. Barry “Boss” Doss (R-Leoma) was defeated by political newcomer Clay Doggett in State House District 70.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Wirgau also voted in favor of granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

In other notable primary races in the Tennessee General Assembly, Brandon Ogles won the State House District 61 Republican primary to replace retiring State Rep. Charles Sargent (R-Franklin), defeating attorney Gino Bulso, who finished in second place. Jeff Ford took third place and conservative activist Rebecca Burke finished in fourth place.

The final results, as reported by the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office were:

Brandon Ogles3,91335.45%
Gino Bulso2,68524.33%
Jeff Ford1,87617.00%
Rebecca Ann Burke1,60414.53%
Robert Hullett7096.42%
Terrence A. Smith2502.27%

Other primary winners included Dr. Brent Moody, who won the GOP primary in outgoing Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell’s 56th State House District.


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5 Thoughts to “Gas Tax-Supporting Tim Wirgau Goes Down to Defeat in State House District 75”

  1. […] Republican incumbent who supported the gas tax increase, State Rep. Tim Wirgau (R-Buchanan), was also defeated in his primary against Bruce Griffey.  The gas tax issue was a key factor in Wirgau’s […]

  2. Dal ANDREW

    Wirgau gone, another indication that it is time for Tennessee Taxpayer Relief.

  3. Dave Vance

    Great Day for the 75th District! Glad to see Bruce win! One less RINO will be in Nashville next year!

  4. Cannoneer2

    Apparently it is a-ok to lie to the voters in District 57. We STILL have Susan Lynn

  5. lb

    Well it seems like the good people of TN are angry over the Gas Tax–with good reason and have made that known with their votes.