Marsha Blackburn Announces Pro-Life Coalition

Marsha Blackburn

Rep. Marsha Blackburn announced she has assembled a pro-life coalition of more than 500 advocates from across Tennessee

Blackburn said, “The first of our rights is the right to life. It is both my duty and honor to protect life, and I am honored to have such a committed group of Tennesseans supporting my campaign for Senate. In the Senate, I will continue to stand for the sanctity of life and the protection of women and unborn children.”

Gianna Jessen is chair of the Marsha for Senate Pro-Life Coalition.

She said, “I am happy to endorse Marsha Blackburn for the U.S. Senate. As someone who actually survived an abortion and was born in an abortion clinic, I am alarmed, as I observe so many politicians get to Washington, D.C., and care more for the applause of men than they do about the three thousand unborn children that die in America each day. The blood of innocents cries from the ground, like that of the blood of Abel. God remembers each one, and the generations lost with them. The unborn need a defender. Marsha is the woman for this task, for this purpose and for this hour.”

The co-chairs are: Lee Beaman, Bill Hemrick and Laura Messick.

The regional leaders for each of the grad divisions if the state are:

Eleanor Yoakum
Suzy Williams
Wanda Mays
Dot Lamarche
Julia Hurley
Jo Ann Beam

Mack Strange
Gloria Giorno
Bruce Beckman
Myra Simons
Vicki Bartholemew
Lagene Lee
Dr. Joy Riley
Annelle Guthrie

Cathy Waterbury
Rev. Danny Sinquefield
Pat McClerkin
Dena S Hill
Rev. Don Johnson
Brent Lambert
Rev. Billy Algood
Susan Meewes
Elaine Ervin
Angela Courtney

Marsha Blackburn  has been endorsed by SBA List, National Right to Life, and the Knox County Pro-Life Network Alliance.

Pro-Life Tennesseans interested in joining the coalition can sign up at her website here.








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  1. […] Last August, Blackburn, then a Senate candidate, announced she had assembled a pro-life coalition of more than 500 advocates from across Tennessee, The Tennessee Star reported. […]