Letter to the Editor: Phil Bredesen Is No Conservative

Phil Bredesen
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Dear Tennessee Star,

Just as a reminder to Tennessee that Phil Bredesen was brought out of retirement by Chuck Schumer to flip the Senate.  This means Bredesen is a “died in the wool” Democrat.  He looked good as a Governor by smiling and “glad handing” because after Sunquist, anyone would have but underneath it all he was actually carrying on like a Democrat.

He was a small player in the Clinton Cartel and set up ObamaCare so he could amass his fortune in insurance.  He also secretly have illegals driver’s licenses by calling them certificates. (Same thing).  He donated $500,000 to the election of Democrat contenders this year; not a penny to Republicans.

He didn’t retire here; he built two mansions in other states and lives in Oregon.

Tennessee must not be the “flip state” to the Democrats.


Nancy P,
Oak Ridge, TN





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