Object of Deception: MSM Forgets the Facts as ICE Arrests Illegal Wanted for Murder in Mexico

Steve Gill

On Monday’s Gill Report – broadcast live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was repulsed by the MSM’s coverage, or lack thereof, regarding the recent arrest of illegal alien and murder suspect Joel Arrona Laura and his illegal wife by ICE while speeding  to the hospital to deliver their fifth anchor baby.

Gill said:

On Saturday, dozens of media outlets across the country breathlessly reported that federal immigration custom enforcement agencies ICE, arrested an illegal alien who was simply taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby.

They were appalled that ICE would be so irresponsible, so cruel, so heartless as to arrest this man when all he was doing was taking his wife to deliver a baby by c-section. Now interesting they left out a big detail. A huge detail. Some might even say a ‘bigly’ detail. Seems the man was a wanted murder suspect.

Agents arrested murder suspect Joel Arrono Laura when he stopped to get gas when taking his wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas to the hospital so she could give birth to their fifth anchor baby. Yeah, both of them are illegally in this country, both of them have produced five kids the American tax papers are supporting because they are illegally in this country. Living here illegally, working here illegally, using identity fraud to cover up their illegal behavior.

And worse…this guys a homicide suspect in Mexico. And yet the media wanted to overlook that big issue. It’d be kind of like reporting that on 911 three thousand people died in America without reporting that three planes driven by terrorists into buildings and into a plane filled with people and a into a field in Pennsylvania is what killed them.

Kind of a big fact!

And yet the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, CBS news, it goes on and on, ignored that key element. Oh, they were just picking him up because he was an illegal. No, they picked him up because he’s an illegal with an outstanding murder warrant. And even if he was just here illegally that is enough justification to pick him up.  He’s been here for a dozen years. His wife who’s also illegal has been here for a dozen years. They’ve dropped five anchor babies which makes them US Citizens.

And now we’re gonna be told we can’t separate them from their kids because we can’t separate families. Well they can take the kids back with them to Mexico. And we need to block out this ability to break our laws, have birth here, and therefore create a lifetime of support payments from the American tax payers.

We need to get rid of this anchor baby thing and we need to deport every single illegal in this country or make it so hard on them to work, to get housing, to get any benefits, that they’ll go home on their own the same way they came here, on their own.

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