SEIU Local Members Promote Minnesota Muslim ‘Super Eid 2018’ Sacrifice Festival

Muslims in Minnesota are celebrating their version of when Abraham was called by his god to sacrifice his only son Issac. Muslims call their holiday Eid Al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice. This year, however, they are calling it ‘Super Eid 2018’ in reference to holding the gathering at the Vikings Stadium where the Super Bowl was held this year and for bringing more area mosques together to hold one celebration.

One promotional video for the event featuring Imams from the different mosques is described by one Imam as the “coming together and showing the unity and the power of our community.”

A corporation referred to only as “Super Eid Inc.,” was set up to sponsor the event and although the site indicates that businesses and individual sponsors have contributed to the event, they also remain unidentified.

And rather than a simple retelling of the sacrifice commanded by Allah, Muslims re-enact an actual sacrifice as required in the Quran, using live animals, usually a cow, sheep or goat. The Quran also requires celebrants to either participate in or to witness the slaughtering.

A group of local residents raised concerns about possible animal slaughter inside the taxpayer supported stadium. It was later publicized that no animal slaughter would occur inside the stadium.

Nonetheless, Muslims in Minnesota do participate in slaughtering animals for Eid:

It was a bloody scene in the farm’s cramped quarters Thursday, but also convivial and reverent. Men stoically corralled and the sheep and slit their throats, while Minnesotans hailing from Morocco, Egypt, India, Somali, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Nigeria, and other places bustled through, looked on, and joined in on the hauling of carcasses.

This is all for our religion,” said Daha Abdala, a Sudanese immigrant who lives in Bloomington, wielding a knife and waiting his turn to slaughter his lamb. “This is the right way for peace, and freedom and everything….

Another Morocco native, Hishem Eblouze from Vadnais Heights, nodded as Alousch spoke. With three sheep carcasses at his feet and blood covering the cement floor, a beaming Eblouze said, “We do this to ask god for forgiveness, and we celebrate with our brothers and sisters who are in Mecca.”

Another promotional video for the event opens with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 26 member Abdi Haybe followed by another union supporter wearing a T-shirt with the logo “America Needs Union Jobs.”

The SEIU is reputed to be “one of the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful unions in the country.

During the 2013 immigration reform debate in Congress, the SEIU spent $300,000 to run advertisements supporting reform and calling for green cards and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

The SEIU has opposed virtually every agenda action initiated by the Trump administration from rejecting the proposed 2017 budget to the President’s Executive Orders on immigration. It should come as no surprise that the same uber-leftist New York public relations firm that prepared the “NoMuslimBanEver” campaign ToolKit complete with talking points, slogans, and scripted Instagram stories with images, also represents the SEIU.

Investigative reporter Leo Hohmann’s research into this event turned up the Super Eid GoFundMe page:

On the Super Eid GoFundMe page, the list of goals of the event include the following [Pay particular attention to Numbers 2 and 5 on the list]:

1- Unite the Minnesota Muslim community and our allies!
2- To establish the Eid as a holiday for all Minnesotans… EID FOR EVERYONE!
3- Give our kids an experience in the same venue that holds the Minnesota Vikings
4- To return to the way of our Prophet, praying Eid together, outside our local mosques 
5- Resist the wave of hate and Islamophobia that has been on the rise in our state!”

Super Eid was originally billed by its promoters as planning to host 50,000 Muslims but was subsequently ratcheted down to 20,000, as reported by CBS Minnesota.






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