Dr. Carol Swain Commentary: Barack Obama and the Evil Plan to Destroy President Trump

by Dr. Carol M. Swain


As we move toward the midterm elections, former President Barack Obama is back in the news, working overtime to make himself relevant by claiming partial credit for the Trump economic growth and prosperity. We should be alarmed because of what we know about the Obama presidency and its disregard for American traditions about elections and how one treats political opponents. There is no sense of protocol or qualms about abusing power or trampling the U.S. Constitution.

Presidential protocol once meant former Presidents showed a measure of deference and respect for current officeholders. Former President Jimmy Carter, in 2007, broke this precedent when he called George W. Bush’s presidency, the “worst in history.” Until 2007, Carter was the uncontested winner of the worst modern presidency in history. But then I digress. President Obama is obsessed with President Trump, and Obama is supported by his army of paid and unpaid protesters as seen in Organizing for Action, a pro-Obama group that will not leave the president alone.

Given the corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice during the Obama years, the unprecedented use of the institutions of government against political opponents, and the never-ending Mueller investigation, it becomes more likely than not President Obama has something to hide. From the moment Donald J. Trump became a serious threat to the leftist agenda, he was targeted with Saul Alinsky’s evil strategies.

Deception, infiltration, and manipulations are at the core of the Alinsky guide for redistributing power. Just think about America, the frenetic opposition to the president and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, 8, 11, and 13:

Rule 8. “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new…

Rule 11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog…

Rule 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions (see Open Culture).

President Trump and his administration have had the above tactics unleashed against them. The end goal is to keep him, so distracted he and his appointees will never have time to adjudicate any of the criminal behavior committed by the Obama Administration.

In my book, Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise (2011), pp. 13-15, I warned of what was then the precursor of fake news. In 2010, the Obama Pentagon were pushing for authorization to create an Office of Strategic Deception to gather and disseminate information to confuse America’s enemies. Given the compromised state of the leftist media, one can only wonder if this is behind the fake news we now get from once trusted news services.

If only we had an independent media committed to truth. A las, we seem to have a media committed to partisan politics. In Saul Alinsky style, the goal is to isolate the president, keep the pressure on him, push all the negatives, and isolate him from friends and family. It is an evil strategy born from the imagination of the man who dared to give Satan a shout-out in the epigraph of Rules for Radicals:

 “Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Need we say more? We the People should not allow anarchists and former presidents to subvert the Democratic process. We must “Be the People” who reclaim our nation.

– – –

Carol M. Swain is an award-winning political scientist and a James Madison Scholar at Princeton University.Facebook: Profcarolmswain Twitter: @carolmswain E-mail: [email protected] Website: https://carolmswain.com/Her most recent book is Debating Immigration: Second Edition (2018).

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64 Thoughts to “Dr. Carol Swain Commentary: Barack Obama and the Evil Plan to Destroy President Trump”

  1. Lenore

    I will fight to my last breath fighting for my America. I will not bow to tyranny but will fight it even if it means bearing arms! I am not afraid of their evil! I HAVE GOG ON MY SIDE!,,,, America, it’s time to take our country back

  2. Irene Dornberger

    Thank you for the excellent article.
    I appreciate your insight and taking the time to write it.
    My thinking is that the money provided by Soros entices him to stay active in the public eye. Plus he doesn’t mind giving President Trump a black eye if he can.

  3. Jan

    Rules for rebuilders… The Christian response to rules for radicals, written by a couple of pastors who have research Nehemiah and understand the impact of God’s covenant with Abraham. It’s available on Amazon.Com written by Steven Grant. Americans need to read this.

  4. Loeb Trivante

    Don’t underestimate President Trump. He cleaning out the Justice Department of corrupt actors and the criminals that spied on him and tried to frame him of a false crime will face justice. McCabe has been hauled in front of a grand jury for 6 months. SPYGATE is real and there is no way this president will allow Sedition and Treason to stand.

  5. Paul Scott

    Great read.

  6. […] Este artículo fue publicado por primera vez en The Tennessee Star. […]

  7. william Millsaps

    Keep writing and speaking up.

    1. Phyllis R Furlong

      Good thought. We need this kind of analysis spread far and wide.

  8. Patricia

    So amazing that intelligent people can not grasp the concept of fact checking! These people are frequently not stupid but become so by refusing to grasp this simple concept. With so much manipulation on the internet including proven Russian Trolls with the sole purpose of distorting facts, the simple fact is that Not Fact Checking is Evil unto itself since these people perpetuate lies while ignoring their responsibility to check to make sure the facts are accurate before agreeing with and repeating them!

  9. Nancy Bell-Moore

    They dont really care at all for Americans just their own personal agendas of New World Order…they dont care how many people they, kill, get raped or starved, example Ms Hillary has a trail of tears for so many people that try to tell the truth, doesnt care if children are aborted at 36 weeks, and leaving Haitians in dire straits taking the money raised for the starving and homeless which was about 75% of the country….and Bengazi where she was soooooo afraid…
    .I pray b4 your time comes you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior…you cannot con Jesus, buy Him off, lie to Him or think He thinks your actions are ok….and He sees me as much as you…there is a heaven and hell…think about what you are doing…is temporary wealth worth it?

    1. Eric Klemm

      Amen….well said, Nancy Bell-Moore!!

  10. David

    If you stand with the Socialist Communism Democrats, know that you stand with TREASON against the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. You shall be judged!!!

  11. Shirley James

    I have always said he would make a good Antichrist

  12. David DellEva

    Obama and the democrats have operatives so entrenched in our government that there isn’t one department that has not been compromised, including the CIA, FBI and the Secret Service! Saul Alinsky was no little leaguer! He was a domestic terrorist and Obama is a product of his teachings!

    1. Duzy Smo

      Absolutely right, why would government nt officials want anarchy? Obama had been plotting to overthrow President Trump. He’s the worse thing that’s ever happened to this country. HRC would have been more of the same. And by the time she left office we would not b a Republic . Just socialists bound to fail.

    2. annabel offer

      Hillary wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky . Knew him personally! Admired him!

  13. Brian Albert Kirkland

    We never had a president attacking his predecessors either, have we. The republic is at state. Everyone has to pitch int o stop Trump, who is a raving lunatic.

    1. Lori G

      WTF are you talking about? Where the hell was you during the ENTIRE Obama white house? EVERY TIME he screwed something up he blamed it on Bush. Every Time he FAILED he blamed Bush. EVERY TIME something went wrong he blamed Bush. He started a war it was Bush’s fault, jobs lost Bush’s fault, sucky economy Bush’s fault, for EIGHT YEARS EVERY THING was Bush’s fault and now that TRUMP is making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Obama is trying to take credit for it. The one that is a raving lunatic is YOU since YOU CHOOSE TO POST TOTALLY IGNORANT COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET. LOL your a total fool to say we’ve never had a president attacking his predecessor before Jesus help us that there are truly fools like you that believe the foolish things you post

    2. JD

      No, we need to rid our society of people like you, Brian. YOU are the problem!

    3. Norm

      I thought Obama has done a great job laying low and being quiet. Trump has bullied anyone who disagrees with his policies. This article is opinion I disagree with, I liked Obama and don’t like Trump, so I am biased.

      1. Sharon I.

        Clapping here for you Lori G. Can’t upvote it or like it but you speak the truth. How can people continue to support and believe the previous president and his ilk. Yes, ILK. A bunch of lying, thieving, murdering crooks that have gotten away with it because people like Brian Albert Kirkland think Obama walks in water and speaks the gospel. I am so sick of Democrats and their stupidity. And they claim Trump supporters are idiots.

    4. GEORGE

      Youre a racist and a moron

    5. Jamie Korza

      Your a moron the only lunatic is Osama Obama and killary Clinton and dumbasses like you keep playing the race card you piece of crap because after over a hundred years your people continue to act like savages but want to keep blaming the white man . Yes it’s are fault they go out shoot innocent people and each other every single day …

    6. Lien Tran

      Brian you’re either IGNORANT or brain dead to say siuch THINGS.

    7. Pat Mock

      still does
      Brian, this is not the place for stupid comments. Choose another site, Troll=Man !!

  14. Carolyn Harrison

    Obama, sure be stomp and sent home and be with Micheal his mate. Everything that comes out of his mouth is lies. He was the biggest joke of a President.

  15. People are so quick to just gloss over that last paragraph in the article , but it deserves to be read and reread for I believe the real truth is in there…the real truth ! The democrat party platform is surely EVIL incarnate. What party screams for the rights of mothers to rip their own children to pieces , for men with grown penises to torture and sodomize children , which party wants to throw open the gates and allow the hoards to overtake this great nation we call home ? Wake up people and dont just walk away…RUN !!!!!!!

  16. Cobrarog

    Very well said, Dr. Swain! Thank you for your wisdom and insight to the far left. We need an effort to unseal Obama’s records to see just who that guy is. No one seems to know. That could be a threat to our national security.

    1. CAt

      I am also wondering whether Obama is behind the tech industry censorship of conservative speech and the destruction of Alex Jones.

      1. Truthseeker

        You can count on it.

    2. Judith Laskowski

      Brian, you are not seeing the truth, sometimes we like someone but we need to accept he’s a lying, corrupt, evil person and get our head out of the Sand.

      Thankyou. We’re just as guilty if we do not speak up. We then become liers also. I saw a video of him one day about 2 months ago. It was a short and I believe it was him or his double. He said, yes I was born in Kenya. He had a very flippant attitude. I was shocked and then it disappeared. I thought I could catch it again by have not been able to. He was walking around and talking to another man. Why cannot we find the real truth? I believe the locking of records has to.be changed in his case. He has never seemed likwa man with a real heart, he’s always on show, like an arrogant actor and uses tones in his voice to manipulate situations and no truth is ever found. The main tactic of Lucifer is lies, they certainly have that in common.

  17. Angela Spinavaria

    He should go away or keep his mouth shut! I bet the people who voted for did not know he was never born in America! We who were here we knew he was not born in America and should have never been our President! ,

    1. Jeff

      Amen Sister, Amen!
      Someone like President Trump needs to get his records opened and sent out over the Net!

    2. You are absolutely right on the money. Anyone wanting to become POTUS, should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt where they were born, grew up, went to school, whatever it takes to satisfy every American. One thing we American Patriots need to concern ourselves with is not just what the left is doing, but what Obama is personally responsible for is importing all of these immigrants from Muslim countries.These people will not and have absolutely no intention of assimilating to western culture. They are taking over small rural towns and kicking out American’s who have lived there for a hundred years or more. If we do not stand as Americans against both of these enemies, we stand the very real chance of ending up just like Britain. 4-million Muslims have taken over there political parties and hold mayors position’s, high ranking law enforcement job’s, and did this against 60 million Brittany. WAKE UP AMERICA, the battle has not even started.

  18. Glenda

    Thank you Dr. Swain for putting into words, the TRUTH that we all need to recognize. I want to be pro-active in fighting against this demonic plan that has been put in place to destroy our country, but I don’t know how to go about it. I contribute to various Christian organizations that are accomplishing things in the direction of reclaiming our democracy, but I’d like to do more. I pray that those who come behind me will find me faithful to God and Country and that I will do my part to preserve this great heritage and pass it on. Our God is Faithful and Long-suffering and He has given America another chance to do what is right. I pray that we, as a nation, take heed that we not let this chance slip through our fingers.

    1. Jerry Barron

      Well said Glenda. Bless you and God keep you strong in His word and healthy in body.

  19. Robert Pristoop

    Trump has been using the same tactics against the left and it is making their puny heads explode. Everything the left accuses conservatives of is exactly what the left does and believes. Projection. Our country is in true danger from within. Wake up people!

  20. Pat

    It is our time (the deplorables) to start fighting back…..I’ve known for a long time Obama was not someone to trust!! He is Satan in sheeps clothing and can talk a good talk as well. God help us all

    1. Rev. Dr. I. Ray Berrian

      Agreed. We rule the Senators and House members. If they don’t bow to our demands we remove them from office in Washington.

  21. Dr. F. C. Nicolaisen

    Thank you Dr. Swain for a clear explanation that most New Media will never publish nor permit to be discussed at most Colleges or Universities. The antics of the Extremists on the Progressive ( Socialist) Liberal Left are obvious part of the Alinsky Handbook.

    The 5th Column is deep within. We need to be reminded…Any Person Group or Society will as a Reflex Action Strike Out at that which it Perceives Threatens it’s Security…President Trump is that Percieved Threat . The NonRepresentatives Of Both Political Parties, Lobiest, The Multinationals do not have Americas best interest in their agenda.

    We must remain involved and vigilant. VOTE…the Onion is being Peeled

  22. Lee

    Thank you Dr Swain for your very forthright and honest article. Americans need to wake up, take a look around them and speak up for goodness. Lies enslave us. Truth frees us.

  23. D Wood 62

    My thoughts exactly for the past 10 years. But she articulated them beautifully.

  24. Dolores Castrovilly

    Thank you Dr Swain for your comments. You are a highly educated woman and you see it. I see it but know how to get the message across. I am easily intimidated by the opposition. That is why I am so grateful or you and your wonderful article.

    God be with you.

  25. Gloria Trahan

    Thank you for standing up for our freedom and principles. Have seen you on TV also and think you are one of our best defenders, Dr Swain.

  26. David Mullen

    Please, just go away!

    1. William Asbury

      Well that was rude. I’m guessing you are one of the Democrats she spoke of.
      David Mullen, you couldn’t even say please?

      1. Greg O

        I believe that David Mullen was speaking to former President Obama.

  27. Randall

    I’m guessing Obama wants another Nobel Prize.

  28. Linda Haenggi

    This article that is so true and truly scary to think about how do we take action against Obama and his leftist group? I believe we need to get the word out to more people because we need an army to fight these sick minded people. I truly pray that we can stop them and that the American people can see him for what he really is!!!

  29. Danny

    Thank you for this great article, Americans need to to hear this.

  30. George Mason

    Great article.well written and should be obvious to any thinking person. Schumer set the stage shortly after the election when he said, “We will not work with this President.”

  31. Marilyn Wallett

    That is a great article. How true that is we need to fight back take this great country back from the socialists democrats. Thank you I hope your article will open some of the still free thinking democrats.

  32. M Miles

    Thank you for your courage and wisdom to speak the truth.

  33. Carla McCombs

    Agree wholeheartedly, Dr. Swain. The ominous question: “what is Obama hiding?” The web is tangled indeed.

  34. Beth

    Absolutely true and scary. I wish all Americans could see this truth.

  35. G McClamrock

    Thank You for the great writing. Need more,of the same. Look into her eyes, see her genuine smile. Look at the other person with anger,, rage, deceit. Dr. Swain has a great messages for all.,, would like to see more. The political arena is so vicious. Prayers for America.

  36. Kimscharms55

    I agree if Obozo is touting socialism or terrorism s
    which he did for 8 years it’s time to shut him
    Down . I say we flood our Congress /senate to instare t
    treason charges against him. We all know he’s behind this fake dossier and Russian bull crap. Obozo’s plan was to sell us out to Isis . He couldn’t careless as long as it lined his pockets of ill gotten gains ($$$$$) on the backs of the American people . Time to arrest this traitor

  37. David W.

    They have, over the past 8 years conducted a very successful social engineering program that probably goes back decades. What is most puzzling is how quickly the have forfieted their honor and replaced with power and greed. We Christians know that power lies in and with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This lack of acknowledgement by them will be their downfall, regardless of the number of people who have willingly drunk their poison.

  38. Kenneth James

    When looking at Alinsky it is quickly seen that it is all based on emotion, and most of that unhinged emotion. There is nothing about ideas, logic, or reason. You don’t have to be for anything, you just need to be against everything. What a pathetic way to live one’s life.

  39. Tom Lowe

    Very good article. We are in a fight for freedom. The democratic socialist are pushing hard to make us into a socialist country. Thank you for your hard work against that.

  40. Ed Willaims

    So true Dr Swain. And so good to read your opinions.