Lee Douglas Commentary: The Six Reasons I’m Voting for Dr. Mark Green on Election Day

by Lee Douglass, DDS


Six years ago I quizzed Mark Green about his principles and values.  In November I’ll take all of my family and friends to vote him into Congress for six reasons.

1. Mark is a scientist, doctor, and an economist.  He understands law.  The law of economics says that a mandated minimum wage abolishes entry level jobs for young and unskilled workers and the same law says that services required by government mandate drive up costs…as with Obamacare.  The law of human nature first says that any person or group of persons given power will inevitably misuse their power and tend toward corruption and tyranny.  Secondly, any individual or class of individuals given free stuff or special privileges will both learn to expect and then demand special treatment and free stuff.  Out of respect for natural law, Mark Green will go to Congress with the intent to cut back the power and role of government in American life. We are desperate to have this done, ignoring all of the squealing and whining from those accustomed to expanding their power by increasing government power.

2. A friend asked if Mark Green is ambitious.  I replied, “Are you kidding?!  Of course he is.  He’s also curious.  Mark did not grow up wealthy; today he is wealthy because of ambition to gain entry into West Point, Medical school, and with a willingness to risk loss, he started a business today worth millions.  He’s living the dream that we all want and he is thankful and should also be proud of American opportunity.

3. I’m a dad. Two years ago I read Mark’s book and texted with him about it numerous times because he described his efforts to plant lasting ideas and values in his boy.  The way he wrote, I could feel what he was saying was true; it’s one of those things that isn’t didactic but only always is learned by experience.  I believe both John Grisham and Victor Hugo write of deep experiences with transformation by only having experienced it.  I believe that Mark understands that he can’t train his children the right way without eternal values.  With me, this attitude tells me about Mark’s world view.

4. His book also described a more manly side to life outside of intimate family time, that’s the time when for his nation Mark had gone off to war.  Everyone knows the enormous risk and part of it was the masculine thirst for adventure and most men justify the drink with the knowledge that their risk is done in the name of what America is about.  I liked Mark’s shameless recognition of this part of life as a man going where Tennessean Davy Crockett went, Congress!

5. I honestly don’t know if I was more impressed by the Army’s requirement as part of training or that Mark in total darkness through feel actually learned to locate, then slide the IV needle into a wounded man’s vein while helicopter night flying an Iraqi mission.  This is America, these are our soldiers.  I love it.  The night of Saddam Hussein’s capture, Mark Green was assigned to provide watch over Saddam.  I’ve thought that since he’d been hiding in a “spider hole”, he hadn’t used up all of his words for some time and wanted to talk.  Like Mark did, I too would have stayed up all night for such a conversation.  These events aren’t arranged and when it happens, a man is either curious and prepared to engage or else that singular experience vaporizes into nothingness.  Carpe Diem

6. The last and equally important reason that I’ll be voting for Mark Green is what’s happening in DC.  I’ve come to love Donald Trump and am offended by the vicious attacks upon him.  Mark is prepared for the fight–including the slings and arrows he’ll take–to keep his word to us. The most reliable and conservative group of elected officials in DC is the Freedom Caucus whose members include DesJarlais, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan.   These boys have already vetted Green and have lassoed him in, preparing for the coming fight.  There are some so-called conservative groups that allow in any and all.  The Freedom Caucus is different. Admission is only gained by invitation.  You know the old saying about a little leaven…








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One Thought to “Lee Douglas Commentary: The Six Reasons I’m Voting for Dr. Mark Green on Election Day”

  1. Brent Reynolds

    You’ve come to love Donald Trump? You have drank the kool-aid, he grew up rich, with no values, was given everything. Now some if what he has done is starting to come out, bet you haven’t even read the Mueller report. You also like DesJarlais, who has had his wife get abortions, cheated on her, has a domestic incident record with the police. You have no values and anyone who is informed can see it easily.