Double Standards at Orange County California High School Results in False Racism Claims from School Principals

On Wednesday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill was flabbergasted regarding an “alleged” incident at a recent football game at Santa Ana High School in Orange County, California.

According to principals of the schools and further spun by the Anti-American media, students were chanting “USA, USA” and holding up posters that read, “we love white.” The posters actually read, “we love red, white, and blue.” He goes on to describe the principals’ blatant attempt to label that schools students racist and a offense to ‘dreamers’, however,  the other team’s school was allowed to proudly wave their Mexican flags during the game.

Gill said:

As we look back on 911 and look at the way that some in this country don’t appreciate America it’s not just the NFL athletes on the field. We’ve now got school systems that are attacking students for shouting, “USA, USA” in the stands during a football game. An Orange County high school football game, Orange County, California, was marred by allegations of racism earlier this week.

An issue where posters allegedly seen at the Friday night game between Santa Ana High and Aliso Niguel High School, according to one of the principals they saw signs that said, “We love white” and that the students were chanting “USA, USA” at the game.

Now keep in mind that one of the schools is almost entirely composed of immigrants, about ninety-seven percent Hispanic-Mexican immigrants who apparently don’t like people shouting, “USA, USA”.  And the claim that this was racism is really based upon the fact that there were signs as the students decided to dress in red, white and blue and celebrate America in this game.

Again, it was no doubt suddenly focused on the fact that the students on the other side where waiving Mexican flags in an American high school.  And when you look at the signs that were actually put up, they were “We love white, we love red, we love blue.” And yet it’s been portrayed by the principal and by the media that it was some sort of a racist sign that said, “we love white” and ignored the fact that there was also we love red, we love blue. It was “we love red, white, and blue.”

It wasn’t racist at all. And yet this is how the mainstream media, the anti-American media, the anti-American education establishment tries to turn everything into a racial incident. And telling the student they couldn’t should USA, USA after scores. When again by all accounts from these two schools, one is an American high school with about a seventeen percent Hispanic population and apparently the students in that school do love America. Versus another school where not so much apparently.

So, the principals’ according to the news stories are saying that they had to stop the whole red, white and blue stuff, the whole we love America, USA business because it was just mean to all those ‘dreamers’ as they were called by the principal.  As he was calling out the students who wanted to celebrate America.

Yeah, Aliso Niguel has about fifty six percent of students who are white, nineteen percent Latino according to the LA Times. Ninety-nine percent of the students enrolled at Santa Ana high school are Latino.

And they’re waiving Mexican flags.


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Photo “Jeff Bishop” by Santa Ana High

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