Commentary: Whatever Happened to Normalcy?

by Jeffery Rendall


Under the “it was bound to happen” category comes news of an imprisoned English transgender man being accused of sexually assaulting his/her fellow female inmates. Not surprisingly the U.K. media was thoroughly confused by the case and didn’t quite know how to treat it.

John Ellis of PJ Media reported, “A man who believes he is a woman was charged with raping a woman (guess ‘she’s’ a lesbian) and was housed in a female prison. In a case of ‘well, duh,’ this rapist did what rapists do – he sexually assaulted four female inmates…

“[In its report] The Telegraph use[d] the deluded man’s preferred pronoun, adding to the environment that fosters the idea that it’s okay to house male rapists in a female prison. They refuse to see through the stupidity and stake out a position of sanity…

“After the female inmates reported the man, he was transferred to an all-male prison, where he should’ve been in the first place. The four assaults on female inmates did not have to happen. If society hadn’t lost its mind pretending that men can be women and women can be men, these four assaults wouldn’t have happened. On at least some level, transgender activists are morally culpable for these assaults.”

You bet they are. The man/woman in question was apparently a convicted sex offender yet the authorities still insisted on placing the predator in a confined space packed with potential human prey. It’s not unlike a summer camp counselor setting an alligator loose in a lake full of otherwise oblivious swimming campers. Sooner or later the reptile’s gonna get hungry and bad things happen.

Apparently the British perpetrator hadn’t yet undergone “sex reassignment surgery,” which Wikipedia defined as, “Sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female involves reshaping the male genitals into a form with the appearance of, and, as far as possible, the function of female genitalia. Before any surgery, patients usually undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT)…” You’re forgiven if your jaw hit the floor (and your vomit hit the wall) upon reading this – I don’t recall the subject being covered in high school health class.

Granted these crimes took place an ocean away, and the American justice system may handle the subject differently, but the main problem is the same in the “New World” and everywhere else where political correctness has invaded and taken over. How far has society fallen where, for purely nonpractical reasons, we willingly mix men and women in situations where almost certain harm will transpire?

Ellis’s report provides the prurient details of the man’s/woman’s assaults, a couple of which involved him/her using his biological male member to impress on his/her fellow female prisoners the intensity of his desires. No matter how forward-thinking and progressive it sounds to treat “transgenders” as normal men and women you can’t shut off Mother Nature’s hormonal impulses so readily. Common sense indicates anytime there’s a mixing of the genders where one sex or the other can’t escape someone else’s erotic advances … crimes will result.

How does it impact America? This particular case doesn’t mean much, but when the Obama administration moved a few years ago to place transgender individuals among otherwise “normal” heterosexual fighting men and women it brought into play a whole host of potential conflicts you just don’t need under the stress of military training, service and combat. Add the fact most enlisted personnel are in their teens or barely in their 20’s – and not married – and you’ve got the makings of everyday distractions officers shouldn’t be forced to contend with.

If we believe most if not all women don’t belong in battle situations how would it make sense to allow transgenders to mix with regular troops in a barracks? Name one positive thing that could result from such a policy? The media would be all over the first U.S. military “man” to get pregnant and give birth. How sick would it get?

The greater question from all of this is, how and why has it come to be anyway? It wasn’t so long ago crossdressing or transgenderism was considered a severe abnormality that was inexorably linked to mental illness. The fact it’s been around forever doesn’t make it less of a malady. Compassion would suggest afflicted individuals require counseling and treatment rather than special accommodations in public restrooms, buildings and school systems.

Why is there such a rush to alter thousands of years of common practice? Will the LGBTQ lobby push to rewrite the Bible and official government documents to scrub them clean of gender pronouns? Will all laws need to be recomposed? Where does this logically end? Should everyone start buying “gender neutral” baby clothes for friends when they announce a pregnancy?

Does anyone remember how Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner’s wife (Kris Kardashian Jenner) initially denied reports he was planning to “come out” as a woman who applies makeup, wears dresses and passes himself off as female? That was just a little over three years ago…! My how the world changed drastically in such a short time.

The liberal-dominated public education establishment puts everyone’s children at risk by bending over backwards to permit a few disturbed pupils to play-act and pretend to be something they’re not. If there already isn’t an exodus of normal folks underway to private institutions – or home schooling – just wait until urban districts go completely overboard. The American center-right’s tolerance level is quickly being reached … it’ll boil over soon.

Or maybe it already has. One ultra-liberal Maryland school district is even proposing to give students three days’ worth of excused absences to participate in “civic activism.” Translation: the powers-that-be want built-in “ditch time” for empty-headed under-intellectually-developed youth to attend leftist marches without fear of official reprimand.

Jenny Abamu of American University Radio reported, “Students in Montgomery County [Maryland] Public Schools have taken to the streets in protest twice in the last two years: once after the election of Donald Trump and again after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year. Now, school board members are saying it’s time to create a uniform policy that promotes students’ civic engagement, but also keeps kids safe.

“’Public education was founded on the premise that we are preparing good citizens for the future of the democracy,’ said Patricia B. O’Neill, Chair of the Board of Education Policy Management Committee in Montgomery County.

“O’Neill has proposed a policy (Note: The measure passed the school board on September 11. There will be a public comment period before final passage) that would let students participate in up the three protests per year without racking up unexcused absences. Students would need written parent or guardian consent, the agreement of the organization sponsoring the protest and written approval from their principal.”

I’m sure the liberals behind the proposal would swear it’s politically neutral and therefore conservative or Republican students (if there are any left in that part of Maryland – a D.C. suburb and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States) could use it to demonstrate for their own causes. But since the policy requires written approval by the school’s principal, how likely would a liberal administrator be to see a tea party rally as a worthy cause?

Or how about the annual DC-based March for Life (on January 23rd)? Would Montgomery County teens and tweens be granted a day out of class to protest the continuing immoral practice of abortion in America? Could they get away with donning anti-Planned Parenthood t-shirts? How about a pro-Trump demonstration? Does it really cut both ways?

For what it’s worth, spokesmen from nearby Fairfax County and Washington D.C. public schools said they preferred keeping their unexcused absence policy in place. That’s great, but it’s likely only a matter of time before the snowflake generation gripes about being discriminated against – who wants to stay in class while fellow leftists (I mean kids) in Montgomery County have their government’s blessing to head downtown and wear pu—y hats, shout slogans at marble buildings and carry signs about how evil the Second Amendment is?

Besides, conservative organizations don’t generally hold mass rallies on workdays because most everyone who would be attending actually… has a job. And conservative students care about their educations, so they’d be much less disposed to blow off class just to hang out and be seen. There’s also the risk of being too closely associated with Trump and conservatism – leftist social media can be an unforgiving universe for a peer-pressure apprehensive kid.

Snot-nosed idiots like Parkland Florida leftist gun-grabbing activist David Hogg are more promising candidates to see a sanctioned class-ditching school policy as cool. Hogg has a heck of time keeping American laws straight though. Matt Vespa of Townhall reported, “Well, David Hogg (yeah, remember him) is back at it again. This time forgetting whom his audience was at a premiere for Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 11/9, which deals with the 2016 election…

“[Hogg] wasn’t as effective in Toronto, Canada, where he seemed to forget that he was…in Canada. He told the audience to turn their ‘shame’ into action by voting…in American elections. Oh, and he didn’t know that Canadians couldn’t donate to American political campaigns. That’s illegal, something that even Moore pointed out before taking the microphone away from Hogg.”

Anyone ever notice Hogg looks like he’s a character in the animated “Toy Story” movie series? With his emaciated bony frame and chiseled facial features Hogg seems more puppet or robot than human being. Maybe he’s actually a leftist cyborg pre-programmed to spout nonsense and lies when prompted. Something to ponder at least.

In the larger sense Hogg is a classic example of how the left thinks – here he is, a “survivor” of a tragic school shooting (was he even there that day?) who loudly champions a liberal pet cause and instantaneously turns into a celebrity in their eyes.

Since the Valentine’s Day Florida school shooting Hogg’s public profile has deteriorated some, but judging by his new association with Michael Moore he’s still making himself available for media events and photo ops, using his fleeting fame to woo gullible audiences into activating and agitating to bring “change” to America by granting extra-constitutional government powers to ban or confiscate weapons.

Judging by his remarks to the Canadian audience, however, Hogg has expanded his advocacy repertoire to include racial and voting rights issues. How desperate is the left to find credible spokesmen that they depend on an 18-year-old “Toy Story-like” action figure to present their side of the matter?

Perhaps next we’ll see Hogg in England campaigning on behalf of transgenders’ right to be housed in the same prison block with other humans of their perceived sex. Don’t put it past him – or the left. Liberals couldn’t care less about appearances or truth – unless you’re talking about concepts like “diversity” and race. Then it matters a lot.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared his own thoughts on the value of “diversity” this week and ended up in hot water with the politically correct thought police. Ian Schwartz reported at Real Clear Politics, “Tucker Carlson [responded on Monday night] to accusations of racism after remarking in a monologue Friday night that diversity is not America’s strength. Don Lemon called it ‘anti-diversity’ and said it was racist on his CNN show.

“CNN commentator Bakari Sellers called Carlson’s commentary the ‘vein of white nationalism.’

“’People should never be punished nor rewarded on the basis of their skin color. Unlike the left, we don’t believe that your DNA is the most important thing about you. Each of us is an individual, not a faceless member of a herd. We abhor defining people by race. That’s one of the main reasons we’re not liberals,’ Carlson said.”

As usual Carlson was spot-on articulating the differences between conservatives and liberals. Liberals see an issue and decide their position based on what they want regardless of the facts. To them, “diversity” translates to equality, as though having the same number of Hispanic, white, black and Asian students in a classroom guarantees all will excel.

Conservatives see individuals for who they are regardless of what they are. Conservatives are truly colorblind. Isn’t that a good thing? At the same time, conservatives employ our God-given common sense to know when something ain’t right. Mixing male and female prisoners is a bad idea. So is skipping class to “protest” the Constitution and American flag.

America’s culture war will rage on as long as there are liberals supplying ammunition for both sides’ rhetorical weapons. Caught in the middle are average citizens who see the melee and wonder what happened to the good ‘ol days when men were men and women loved them for it.

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