What a Turn Off: NFL Fans, MSM, and Hollywood Viewers Tune Out Politically Biased Programming

On Monday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Star News Digital Media National Political Editor Steve Gill talked about the recent decline in ratings due to the political agenda of the NFL, MSM outlets, and Hollywood award shows.

He was saddened that it hits the small businesses in the pocket book, however gleeful that this will hopefully be a lesson to the big corporations’ continuous mistake at making almost everything political.  Gill observed, “But viewers are paying attention, and tuning them out!”

He continued:

Does it make me a bad person that I like seeing the ratings absolutely crater for CNN when they engage in their left-wing propaganda on a constant basis and their ratings are slipping behind the cooking channel on cable? Of course, having their host out standing in ditches trying to make the flood waters look worse show that they’ll even lie about weather so why should we be surprised when they lie about politics or business or anything else that comes along. And then you’ve had the NFL with their Monday night football ratings reaching a new low.

The second week of Monday night football, some of the lowest ratings they’ve ever seen. As again the Nike football league continuing to push viewers and supporters out of the stands and now away from Television as well. I mean every time you watch or even flip through an NFL game these days, look at the stands. See all those empty seats. It’s not just the problem of whether ticket sales are lagging.

If people aren’t at the games they’re not buying beer, they’re not buying cokes, they’re not buying tacos, and pretzels and all the other stuff that you spend a fortune on if you go to an NFL game. They’re not making that money. And the sad thing is that hurts the regular working moms and pops that are working those concession stands or are supplying the pretzels and nachos and other items that people eat. The hot dogs and stuff.

The small business guys are getting hurt because the NFL owners have decided to just slap their fans in the face. Put they’re political agenda ahead of their bottom line. and I love seeing their bottom line suffer. I’m sorry it hurts real working people. But that’s the only way some of these big corporations will learn a lesson.

And we’re also seeing it with the big awards shows. An Emmy catastrophe as ratings cratered ten percent to a new all-time low of people not tuning in to watch the Emmy awards. And again, it was a political show you had various celebrities popping up taking their shots at Trump and taking their shots at Christians.

You had a couple of hosts, that I don’t even know who these guys are, make a crack about the fact that only people who thank Jesus are crack heads and Republicans.

(Sarcastic tone) Yeah, take a shot at Christians. Did they also take a shot at Mohammad, and maybe the mosque that he would visit if he came back to earth? It’s essentially all these brave comedians are never willing to take on Islam but man they’ll launch their cheap shots at Christians and Jesus every day, all day, all the time.

But viewers are paying attention and tuning them out!  And I love that best of all.

Listen to the full segment:

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