Tennessee Star Report EXCLUSIVE with Ann Coulter on Allegations Against Kavanaugh: ‘There Are No Corroborating Witnesses for This, for Either of These’

On Monday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill talked with best-selling author Ann Coulter this morning about the “perfectly timed” allegations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Coulter and Gill discussed the ridiculousness of the allegations and the lack of supporting evidence.

Gill: Ann good to have you back with us!

Coulter: Good to talk to you, Steve Gill – it’s been eons!

Gill: I know way too long, but we’re going to get you on regularly. And you’ve mellowed, you’ve chilled over time, I’ve noticed. You don’t have any opinion on the whole Kavanaugh thing.

Coulter: That’s right.

Gill: What is your take on this latest, “you know I was too drunk to know if it was, you know anybody that I was in college with” allegation by this latest smear?  Again, it’s right out of the Democrat playbook.

Coulter: Yes, I knew this was coming. I couldn’t believe when a friend called me and told me. I mean all of my indignant tweets were from my iPhone. I knew they’d do this, women don’t play fair, you never should have given us the vote.

I knew that pink pussy hat brigade was going to  pull this. And I do think it’s worth pointing out there’s absolutely no way this allegation would run against anyone other than a conservative man. When you look at what Ronan Farrow was, I mean this is extreme on the other end, I’m not saying this is what is required, but what NBC was requiring from him.

He had a police report  with Harvey Weinstein on tape admitting to groping an actress in a hospital among other things and you know direct interviews with him and “no no we don’t think we have enough yet, no the lawyers are rejecting this”. This particular accusation um it’s interesting how it’s dressed up in the New Yorker to sound like more than what it is. Um, ha, but when you really look at what they have, um there is not a single corroborating witness. Not one, in fact later that night the New York Times didn’t, the New York Times has not written about this woman and they’ve had it for weeks.

As we knew much later they wrote something about how the other accuser is coming forward, Dr. Ford is apparently finally driving from California. And very deep in that article the New York Times mentions the New Yorker article and says that it had tried to locate, spent weeks trying to locate anyone who would back up the flashing story. I assume your listeners by now know what it is. That Brett Kavanaugh whipped it out at a Yale party when he was drunk and stuck his penis in a woman’s face.

Gill: Which by the way Ann tells me that either he’s about ten feet tall or she had to be, you know a dwarf, or she had to be like seated or on her knees I mean what’s the detail on that. I mean what’s the detail on that. I mean it’s like head to head doesn’t work.

Coulter: My assumption was she’s describing him getting on his knees. But in any event, the New York Times said they couldn’t find, not only they couldn’t find a single corroborating witness. But when she talked to the New York Times she said, “I’m not really sure if it was Kavanaugh because I was blind drunk.”

(Gill and Leahy laugh) Let me spend the week, as she told the Times, according to the New York Times, not exactly a Kavanaugh supporter, she told the New York Times, “let me spend a week accessing my memory” (chuckles) from something that happened thirty years ago. And a week later told the Times, “Yep, yep I’m pretty sure it was Kavanaugh”, except oh she’s calling her Yale classmates, none of them could remember.

She couldn’t find anybody to corroborate her story, the New York Times couldn’t find anyone to corroborate her story. And like I said, I mean I was arguing with a friend on the phone last night about this, he was depressed about you know, the women in the Senate, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse. (Leahy and Gill chuckle) I think if anything this is going to make them madder. (Inaudible voice)

Gill: I think it’s an insult to all women to classify Ben Sasse as a woman, I think that’s an insult to women everywhere.

Coulter: Right now, I’m a little upset with my gender for pulling this crap. (Gill laughs) But I was arguing with him reading him paragraphs, “Oh but way there was somebody who corrob . . .”, No no no, no the way it’s phrased is.”

One of the strongest corroborations was this guy, I think his name was Sternberg, a radiologist in New Mexico or something and he said “Well when Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court one of my classmates, un-named, un-named, un-named, emailed and said something about a sexual assault involving him a Yale.

(Coulter Chuckles) There’s a reason, yeah, ok it’s not a courtroom trial, but there’s a reason we have rules of evidence. Through hundreds of years of trying to test evidence we’ve developed rules for the sorts of things that are credible. One guy saying someone emailed me a month ago, and Kavanaugh’s been in the news, I mean having said all that, absolutely no corroborating witness and it took this witness herself a week to “access her memory” (Gill laughs) and call her classmates and she couldn’t find anyone to corroborate.

Gill: And meanwhile you’ve got Dianne Feinstein who drove around with a Chinese spy for twenty years. She’s gonna figure out what happened thirty-six years ago.

Coulter: Well no, I’ve figured it out, it’s complete BS. With Ford at least she, it’s almost, I absolutely do not believe it happened. It’ almost plausible that that happened, and by the way I don’t care. A seventeen-year-old boy groped a girl, drunken boy groped a girl. And everything else, the attempted rape and the attempted murder.

No, now wait a second, that’s all in your head.

What actually happened was drunken groping. I absolutely one hundred percent don’t believe it was Brett Kavanaugh, and part of the reason, well a lot of it is just looking at him. (Laughs) He’s a dork and we were at college and law school about the same time. No, I’m just not buying it at all.

Gill: He was not the John Belushi of Yale. In high school days, he’s not the wild man that he’s being portrayed as.

(Inaudible cross talk)

Coulter: No, no, no no no.

Gill: How do you think this plays out Ann? I mean again, this seems like it’s all a battled about Jeff Flake’s vote. Because again even if Jeff Flake votes not to confirm him yeah know it’s fifty fifty presumably unless of course we lose Murkowski and then if it goes down in flames. How do you think it plays out at the end of the day? And will Chuck Grassley as you mentioned, take off his pink hat and call for a vote.

Coulter: I can’t imagine that Republicans aren’t as angry about this as I am. It’s so obvious what’s happening here. The last point I wanted to make, and like I say, it’s all about timing, the rest is enough, there are no corroborating witnesses for this, for either of these. For Dr. Ford the four people she names being at the party all say there was no such party, this never happened, including her best friend, her best friend from Yale.

Gill: Who’s a big liberal.

Coulter: Denies that this happened. A girl who claims, I was her best friend at the time, we spent all of our time together, I would have known, this is not true. And by the way, she gives her name. Unlike all these, “somebody emailed me”, it’s the timing of it that is so obvious I mean you would have to be a child not to see through this. Among the timing issues Kavanaugh was nominated, well he’s been nominated and confirmed and had hearings to be on the Appellate Court for the District Court of Columbia.

Trump announced his nomination for the Supreme Court on July 9th. But the first thing I said when my friend called me to tell me about this latest outrageous lying slander. Was, you know, how about when Brett Kavanaugh the lead investigator for a man named Ken Starr investigating a President that lead to President Clinton’s impeachment for doing what Steve Gill? For whipping it out in front of female underlings. You think James Carvel and Mr. Hustler, Larry Flynt. Do you remember that. That’s when I first met you Steve Gill.

Gill: Yes, it is.

Coulter: That massive campaign to defend the ‘horny hick in the White House’. (Gill chuckles) They couldn’t find somebody at Yale law school. There was a book. Do you remember this? Funded by incidentally by Harvey Weinstein, slandering all the people who worked on Clinton’s impeachment, including ‘moi’. I’m the one who got it killed, the book. And it basically accused everyone of all the ails, me, George Conway, a few other lawyers who were secretly working on the Paula Jones case. Plus, Ken Starr and all of his prosecutors dug into all of their private lives. It basically accused everyone of being gay except me because I was having an affair with Geraldo Rivera. And I got, well it doesn’t matter how I got it killed. But I went on Geraldo…

Gill: The only one telling that story is Geraldo claiming false credit. (Leahy chuckles) One last question. And by the way I…

(Cross talk)

Coulter: That would have been the time to bring it out. Why didn’t any of these girls remember it then?

Gill: Because it didn’t happen as you point out.

Coulter: His name was all over the paper back then. All over. I checked on Nexus to confirm my memory. I’ve never met him. I knew that Brett Kavanaugh was on the Starr report. I promise you James Carvel…

Gill: It’s like Carvel said at the time man. “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a liberal faculty lounge they’ll say anything.” (Gill and Coulter laugh) Hey great to have you with us. We will get back together with you again soon. It is great to catch up and thank you for joining us this morning. We’ll catch up soon.

Coulter: Great to talk to you, bye bye.

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