Steve Osborne Commentary: #ConfirmKavanaugh Now

by Steve Osborne


The Kavanaugh hearings have devolved into a disgraceful spectacle. As his accuser’s accusation falls apart, another accuser mysteriously appeared over the weekend saying the judge acted inappropriately during his freshman year in college.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me tell you that this whole charade is an orchestrated attempt by the democrats, hoping to delay a vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS. The Democrats see that there’s a possibility of retaking the majority in the senate. If they can delay the vote on Kavanaugh until after the midterm elections, the judge won’t get the necessary votes to be confirmed. All the while, the judge’s family has to endure unfounded mudslinging all for the sake of unseemly politics.

Sadly, we’ve seen this movie before.

The Honorable Robert Bork, nominated for SCOTUS by President Reagan, was publicly and unjustly ripped to shreds during his confirmation hearing, and failed to get the necessary votes to confirm his nomination.

Justice Clarence Thomas was similarly defamed during his confirmation hearing by a democrat operative named Anita Hill. Thankfully, Justice Thomas, knowing Anita was a setup, read a statement prior to his vote in which he excoriated the democrats for their unseemly behavior. He had nothing to loose, and yet was subsequently appointed to SCOTUS.

Justice Thomas showed the republicans how to handle the current and despicable behavior of Diane Feinstein and her democrat cohorts. But to my dismay, Chairman Chuck Grassley is making a mockery of the hearing. Even though the republicans hold the majority, he’s allowing the democrats to run the show, proving once again that republican leadership doesn’t know how to lead.

Republicans are doing what they do best; bending over backwards to prove to the democrats that they’re nice folks who just want to get along and make the democrats equal partners in government. His kowtowing serves no real purpose, and is delaying a much needed vote of confirmation.

While I wish both parties would work together for the good of the nation, the Constitution, and the people who elected them, it’s unquestionably clear that leaders in the democrat party are enemies of the Constitution. Few actually know what the Constitution says. Case in point; when Chuck Schumer, a senior member of the democrat party, was on a Sunday morning political program a few years ago, he said “The Constitution establishes three branches of government; the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch”. His ignorance regarding the Constitution is more than troubling.

There’s one element to the Kavanaugh circus that I’ve not heard discussed, which is the reason I’m writing: The democrat base is getting fired up to vote this November because of the antics by their party leaders. Both the democrat leaders and their base hope to block the judge – or any future Trump nominee – from being confirmed to the bench. That’s why the democrats are engaging in theatrics and gutter politics during Kavanaugh’s hearing. Democrats know that their base votes with emotion and not logic. Ergo, the leaders are doing exactly what they need to do to get their base to the polls.

We in Tennessee will play a critical role in who has the majority in the senate this year; democrats or republicans.

Republican Marsha Blackburn is running against former democrat governor Phil Bredesen for Bob Corker’s seat in the senate. Knowing Bredesen’s history, Blackburn should be a shoe-in. Regrettably she’s in a tight race.

Republican voters need to understand that if they don’t turn out in droves this November, Bredesen could easily be our next U.S. Senator. That would mean one less republican seat, and possibly mean the democrats regain control.

We cannot let that happen. Republican voters need to be just as emotionally charged as the democrat base in November. We all need to understand, and make our friends and neighbors understand, that loosing Corker’s seat to Bredesen means any semblance of a conservative agenda in Washington will be all but dead. And, we could forget about having another conservative Trump nominee appointed to the Supreme Court.

Voter turnout is crucial.







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One Thought to “Steve Osborne Commentary: #ConfirmKavanaugh Now”


    This BS with Kavanaugh has to stop. This is all from Soros and the Demoncrapic Party! They are so full of hate for anyone running in the Republican office! That is awful what they are doing to that man! those women need to go to jail for even opening their mouths unless they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt! It would be the last woman who would open their big trap!